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Comfy closet

Maybe it's the winter weather or a fact that I hang out with smaller and bigger kids recently a lot, but I just want to wear comfortable clothes. A blue hoodie that I received from my friend became the thing I like to put on these days. Either I play or pray... the reason I say this, is because the hoodie itself is a part of my prayer.

The sweater is comfortable, its soft fleece is pleasant to wear, and the bright blue color looks great, but the writing "FEARLESS" makes it extra special.

The whole quote in Bible 1 John, 4:18 is:

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear". 

I battle fear as long as I remember and receive many prayers, I get better in one area yet get discourage that I'm not receiving God's love perfectly and furthermore not giving it to the fullest myself either. Yet, the hoodie is an awesome constant reminder to work on it and easy demonstration as well.

I needed to figure out what will be good ideas to wear my new thing with!

When I get a new piece of clothing, I automatically assume I need some more stuff to match it with... at least a new set of socks and in this case scrunchies.

When we think comfortable in the winter this is a blanket, so the socks are like the blanket for the feet and scrunchie is the blanket for the hair, while the hat is the blanket for the head. Cozy already.

Blue with white writing on it, I'll match the easiest with white and black or jeans, I have two versions' pants and skirt. As these colors are a little boring and for the winter weather especially, I need to cheer up the outfits and I'm gladly doing it with colors. I must also say, cute colorful socks simply make me happy.

White and black

The black pants are actually soft jeans, hence they go well with the comfy theme. The socks are warm, long and finished with a little decorative lace. Finally, even the scrunchie is made of thicker yet soft fabric, perfect to match with everything else.


This skirt is made with many details like buttons, zippers, special stitch, wrinkled and whitened jeans. The little color on the button gave me the idea for yellow additions; warm socks and scrunchie. Looks good, doesn't it?


Velvet pants are white, but the colors come from the hat and the socks, which also both have interesting patterns. Pink doesn't get old for me, and I just like this colorful combination. That's the little things that matter.

Grey and other colors

There's something attractive about torn jeans that doesn't get out of style. I like mines too. I matched them with the nice grey hat and the colorful socks in stripes.

After all this clothes presentation I need to present the person behind the hoodie, so there's Kasia and her talents for creating beautiful clothing and more. I always get amazed and inspired how God entrusts gifts in people and uses them to spread His kingdom. Thank you for the hoodie my dear and all you do!

Another important point about this session is that even though the temperature was low, the sun shined intensively. This puts a smile on my face and that's the best thing you can ever wear. It also makes any outfit look better!



a beautiful graphic designer, who glorifies God through her work.

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