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The first warm days are behind us and spring is welcomed to our homes. It's Easter again and I'm preparing my decorations, thinking it's been a year since I have started blogging and I did this already once! Does it make it easier? Possibly, at least I'm stressing less. If I repeat myself, is it boring that I run out of ideas? Or is it establishing traditions that because they are tried over time they must be good? Either way if something is beautiful I don't mind doing it again. No one complains eggs are boring for Easter, right?

Speaking of the traditions I really wanted the branches that I had last year. Happily I went to our property and it's not that I didn't find them... they don't quite have buds yet! Is Easter earlier this year or it was a colder winter. After warming them up for few days they now show tiny green leaves. I also got some yellowish branches that I suppose are the red ones from Christmas but changing the color now. Yellow is a good color, especially for Easter so that's what I'm going to use. More importantly I found the perfect Easter branches that remind me about Easter back home in Poland - catkins. With that almost half of the work is done! It seems super easy. I just took my metal gorgeously crafted eggs with the yellow ribbon and I call it ready. Simple and beautiful. I can't say that's my favorite way of creating because I like complicated and sophisticated but I won't complain this time.

During one of the first times outside this spring, I noticed the brightly green moss growing behind my house.

It's looks very pretty and will be a great base for my Easter decoration. Green is the color that we associate with spring and gives life to any set up.

While transferring it to the pots and taking the pictures, I also noticed the wooded logs, that got very rustic over the winter weather and it'll set the theme for this year's decor.

The moss became a bed for my tiny lamb that I got from a friend long time ago. As for yellow it must have been the beautiful look and smell of daffodils. The picture shows that it's a nice pair!

The log served perfectly as the spot for my chicks. In front of them I placed my Palm from the Palm Sunday prepared a week ago. I just used some dried florals with yellow poms.

With that rustic thinking I wanted to die the eggs in an old fashion way as well. I tried different things and not all of them worked well. I had yellow and red onion skins, purple cabbage, beets, coffee and tea bags, spinach, turmeric and spirulina.

I poured boiling water over the items in each jar. The water colored beautifully I had high expectations... I even left it soaking for the whole night.

The eggs colored too, just in a different way, rustic sounds correct.

This reminded me of my grandmother, who used yellow onion skins that depending how long she would soak the eggs in, will get different shades of orange.

Easter's happy wishes come from Jesus' Resurrection, but beautifully decorated home definitely enhances the feeling.

For the second time then, I wish you happy beautiful Easter! And thank you that you made this year with me.

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