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green table

Updated: May 17, 2022

It's beautiful green spring outside so I'm creating a table of that look to enjoy it even more. This is the awaited season that it's finally here. With every spring I get this pleasant, refreshing feeling when we eat the first meal outside. This time it's going to be very green, which means healthy too!

To get the health part of my post right, I asked for some help. Adriana is a Certified Health Coach, whose purpose is to empower the lives of others using a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness. She believes that healing the body is the key and rebuilding the health must be from the inside out. Adriana suggested how to make good green choices and back them up with the correct information (Life-Changing Foods by Medical Medium). Once I started reading about the health benefits, I got even more motivated for shopping, cooking and presenting these ideas!


Celery is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb containing powerful mineral salts. Taken alone on an empty stomach, celery juice is an herbal medicine that contains complete living electrolytes. It fights infections, flushes toxins, bad bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus and viruses out of the body. Additionally, it raises hydrochloric acid in the stomach and restores the entire digestive system. Furthermore, it strengthens the entire immune system, lowers high cholesterol and prevents high blood pressure. It helps heal migraines, purifies the liver, prevents ulcers, reduces neurological symptoms such as anxiety and depression, supports eye health, restores the adrenals strengthening the reproductive system, and fights autoimmune diseases.


Honeydew along with other melons feature water that is nearly identical to our blood

containing sodium, potassium, and glucose making it the most hydrating foods you can

eat. Melons are predigested meaning it is very assimilable, being high in enzymes and

coenzymes. The purified water in melons like honeydew binds onto poisons such as

mold, undigested proteins, bacteria, and it flushes them out. High electrolyte content

protects the brain and the nervous system. High in silica which restores bones, teeth, and connective tissue. Melon thins out blood reducing liver and kidney diseases. Natural sugars from fruit–like those contained in honeydew feed every cell in the body being critical for liver function. Glucose protects the heart, cools the brain, and protects the nervous system.

Foods containing glucose (honeydew) and mineral salts (celery) help strengthen the immune system so I’ll be combining celery + honeydew to do just that!


Asparagus is anti-aging, the fountain of youth. It’s one of the most adrenal-supporting

foods. It also acts as a natural aspirin that soothes a struggling liver, prevent and

recover from neurological symptoms. Asparagus contains chlorophyll and lutein

that act as organ cleansers. Phytochemicals found in asparagus are toxin inhibitors

meaning once toxins like DDT, pesticides, and toxic heavy metals are removed

from organs, phytochemicals stay behind repelling new toxins. It’s alkalizing,

flushing out unproductive acids.


Artichokes are full of vitamins (A, E, K), minerals like silica and magnesium, amino

acids and enzymes, phytochemicals and are B12 enhancing. Artichokes keep the liver’s neutralizing, screening and filtering capabilities strong and they bring balance to the gut. Artichokes help reduce kidney stones and gallstones, and blood sugar imbalances. Incredible for protecting the body from radiation.

Sprouts and microgreens

Sprouts and microgreens are critical for a body’s B12 production. If you’re exhausted

they can give you back your vitality. They are also the ultimate tools for renewing the

reproductive system and balancing hormones being phytoestrogenic. They are packed

with nutrition and disease-reversing compounds, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals,

and trace minerals. Amazing for gut health and brain health due to their high mineral

salts content they can rejuvenate neurons, pull toxic heavy metals from the brain, and

help in reversing neurological conditions like Alzheimer and Dementia. Terrific for skin

health featuring trace minerals including iron, iodine, selenium, zinc, copper, manganese, sulfur, magnesium, and more.

After learning about these healthy vegetables and fruit, I'll be serving at my green table:

  • Celery and honeydew juice

  • Cream of asparagus soup

  • Roasted artichokes

  • Sprouts salad.

I like food but I also enjoy making it! These are the pictures from the kitchen with plenty of green color.

The artichokes were hard to prepare but I'm learning to eat them with pleasure. I didn't as a child. I like creamy soups and this one was easy, yet very tasty probably because of the onion and garlic that I added. Broccoli and clover sprouts were told to be peppery and I almost thought bitter. Maybe I should keep the lettuce in it to maintain the normal salad taste and texture too. Making the juice was fun, I don't think I have ever combined celery with honeydew before, but I'll do so from now on. It was really good.

I like to use tablecloth outside because it brings elegance to the table. This specific design matches perfectly as it imitates nature very accurately. It's full of branches with colorful flowers and birds on them, all in gentle tones. In addition, I have somewhat matching napkins but white tableware to emphasize the food.

The table is ready and with the green juice I say "cheers" to the new season, hopefully a healthier one.

Thank you Adriana, not only for the inspiration, but the good knowledge that is very helpful to make better choices of what we put on our tables!



a beautiful Health Coach, that enthusiastically teaches us, how to eat better so we can feel better!

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