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Home of wood

Building a beautiful thing takes a lot of time. It teaches patience and trust, which I'm lacking in many aspects of my life. Our home is being built and even though the progress is slow, it does start to look like a house already. It's made of wood so far. There are delays and the winter weather doesn't help but still, it's fascinating to see how step by step the structure has been changing and growing at last.

There's wood and wood and more wood coming. It however started with metal beams, that were installed in the basement and partly supported by the temporary wood supports.

They serve as a base for the floors but essentially the whole house. It also closes the basement, our first shelter.

The support

The floor joints were put in place, made of wood of course.

They sit over the beams and the foundation of the house.

The floors

Plywood covered the space and there's something to walk on in the home!

This is just big flat space yet outlining the shape and the size of the house.

The walls

Then, there's a process of framing the house. So much more wood yet, a really happy moment, seeing the external walls up.

It gave the real idea of the whole building, how it's located on the parcel, the angel of the garage and how it really looks like from outside, including the doors and the windows.

Next, the internal walls appeared.

It looks like a home of match sticks, confusing for sure. Even though they are all in, I don't have the exact imagination of it, they show though the location and the size of all the rooms finally.

The roof

That's the last phase of the woodwork. Putting the big trusses over the outside walls was a complicated task, especially with the wind and ice. Yet, this process that's still ongoing, will complete the rough carpentry work.

It helps with the final dimensions of the rooms as it closes them, and some ceiling heights can be envisioned. I'm walking proudly thinking here is going to be my reading corner, here I'll make my tea and here I'll play with the kids. Where is my prayer spot, not sure yet...

I don't know if the whole building process is particularly beautiful, but the outcome will be for sure. There's a thrill about having your custom built house, with all what you want, building code allowing.

This is beautiful, isn't it? It's still an enormous amount of work to be done, yet I constantly think of how to turn this construction into a space that my family first and then all the guests will enjoy and visit happily. I guess besides all the beautiful paints, tiles, furniture, lights and all other decorative stuff that needs to be done... you spread love so this is what I pray when I visit the construction site of my future home, hoping God will help me.

As I was photographing the wood lying around the property, I discovered one more very special thing if it comes to the new home, which is woods related. There're plenty of mature trees around the property. So not only the home is of wood, but's also surrounded by the woods. That's truly a beautiful thing. As I read recently, that the outside of the house is as important as the inside, if you plan on hanging out on the covered patio or the backyard. I do!

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