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Spring table

I'm looking forward to spring so much! New season will bring a new beginning, a new tablecloth and a new table set up.

Shades of blue and turquoise are in my dining room for a while. Now the warm strings of sun add yellow too. And what other yellow flowers can speak spring if not daffodils.

I see a lot of decorations with artificial flowers and branches, which I don't like. The beauty on the table must be real and I pruned my lovely house plant to add some green leaves to my tiny bouquets.

I'm not exactly following new trends, but I like to get new inspirations and if they work, I'll happily use them.

What's OUT:

- all white - this is hard on me because I like it a lot. It's clean and simple and looks good so I'm still putting my white tableware out but...

What's IN:

- colors - that's a good thing too because I use them as well. My serving plates and more tableware are dark blue and turquoise, which also bring some playfulness to the overall look of the table.

- textures - these will be jute placemats for the dishes, once they finally arrive at the table, yet they spoil the beauty of the set up.

- wood - I have different types of bords that I use to display the food.

Even though my branches are not blooming yet they bring hope that the world will awake into green soon. I thought they will do a great base for the spring centerpiece and to break their nakedness I tied a couple of yellow bows on them.

The sun is still up, great for my mood, worse for the pictures, but by the time the guests arrive... a few candles will create a pleasant atmosphere and add turquoise spark.

The tablecloth pattern is gentle but effective, so the napkins are plain but vibrant yellow.

The food that will be served on the spring table must be light and fresh. That clearly means vegetables and it's what I like and eat the most. It not only looks beautiful but tastes delicious too!


I was introduced to a combination of baked beets and orange some time ago and I modified how this salad come together.

Here are spring greens of course, plus some feta cheese, sliced almonds, olive oil, salt and black pepper.


These, I never get tired of and keep experimenting with recipes.

First one is farmer cheese with radishes and green onions.

It's an old Polish recipe that I enjoy a lot. The radishes are shredded and sour cream makes the smooth consistency. A little bit of salt and pepper and it's served on whole wheat bread.

Second one is with eggs, purple onion and fresh dill.

This recipe I learnt from my friend although I'm not sure if I remember it correctly. Well, if it tastes good it shouldn't matter. Ingredients with salt and pepper are mixed with mayo and served with bread.


Thinking about spring dish, I combined cauliflower with colorful carrots, okra and green parsley.

Rice made it thicker and Chinese spice tasteful.


The food ideas shall be completed by something sweet yet still fresh and healthy.

My picks were strawberries, grapefruit, blueberries, grapes, pineapple and papaya. Simple and it's hard for me to say... but it's good this way.

The new season is almost here. Embrace it, not only on the table, but in every little thing, you're looking forward with this spring!

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