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About if

Long ago I had this nickname: IF. Seriously. Years later, I got married, changed my last name and these are now my initials. They say use what you have. That’s what I’m doing. Is it that easy? I think so…

Besides, I like this word IF because even though very short it does carry a message of hope. And hope is a powerful word that motivates you to try. And if you try you can succeed, the more you try the more likely you are to live beautifully.

A heart is a symbol of love and you must love in order to see beauty. Plus, your heart is where you meet with God. He placed beauty in you and will enable you to get it out. Please let Him.


I’ll help you by sharing my beauty. All around, inside, outside, in my home, closet, table, garden, soul and then we’ll go further to the states and nations. Beauty has no borders.

Enjoy reading and be inspired to live your life beautifully.     

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