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advent wreath at home

It's too early to start Christmas decorating but it's the perfect time to make an Advent wreath. That's the tradition I learnt some years ago and I am happily continuing it. There are four candles on the wreath that are being lit one for each Sunday leading to Christmas. A very pleasant way to celebrate, wait and practice patience.

I enjoy lightning a new candle every week and watching the first one getting smaller in comparison to the next one being lit.

The base

This is the Advent wreath and the four candles.

These are very plain pictures but the complete wreath will look more impressive and that's really what I start with. The metal wreath I received many years ago from my aunt and this is what I use every year as the base. The second part is the candles for which I have new colors depending what decoration I go with.


Evergreens like spruce it's what I usually use to put inside the frame but there's more...

The visit to our property surprised me because besides the evergreens I found some other beautiful things to decorate the wreath. There were red twigs, pinecones and some dried... I don't even know how to call it something between leaves and flowers. My natural decorations are the brown little balls and white shells with furs.

Adding colors

This year I go with traditional Christmas colors: red and green. The colors will cheer up the look with the sparkly balls and paint I selected.

I don't know what I'll be painting yet but it seems boring not to do something by myself.

Soft touch

Fabrics will make the wreath look soft and warm so I got my collection of ribbons and material remains. I wasn't sure initially how to incorporate them but they are in Christmas colors too.

I like using materials I just don't know how to sew much yet but I'm trying different ideas. Ribbons are much easier to use.

Painting acorns

When I was decorating my house and preparing for first Christmas party I found it strange that I could buy things like pinecones and small tree branches in a store. I started to collect natural items while on walks over the year so now I have white birch branches and different size and shape pinecones. I found acorns very cute yet painting them will add some festivity to them.

The ones with their hats were the easiest to paint and they look the best too. I'm still thinking about the chestnuts. Funny thing that in Poland we use them for decoration and kids crafts here for... eating.

Making bows

I wanted to include the fabrics so I thought of an easy way to make bows that will be a nice addition to the white candles.

I just cut long pieces of material, folded each end over towards the middle and tied it in the middle with a different color ribbon. These created mini bows which I then wrapped around the candle. I like that they are made from different colors and patterns. I'd like to also cover some balls with fabric but this idea will most likely wait till next year.

And all together

This is how it looks like with all the elements put together!

Assembling the wreath was a good start for the Advent season, time to prepare your home and the soul for the little baby Jesus to be born again.

Either you make the Advent wreath or not I wish you a beautiful time ahead of Christmas!

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