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The "Tenth" post

3rd year of IF existence! It's been full of things, that are both beautiful and not, but I'm still here. And happy. I started the blogging with a strong belief, that's what God calls me to do so whatever happens, I know He's with me and I owe the beautiful creations to Him.

On the beautiful side...

Learning new things. It took me a long time but I'm finally learning Canva, which you can see with my wishes card above! It's not very advanced yet but slowly I'm getting there. I also had a good helper, for whom I'm more grateful than she imagines.

Continuing to post. Even though, rather seldom these past months, but I still manage to do it and this makes me proud.

Getting new readers. It always amazes me that when I run my reports, I discover that there are visitors to my site from all over the world.

This is very motivating and leaves me ponder, who are they? Did they find on my page what they were looking for? Will the beauty that I intended find them? I wish to know but I may never find out.

Organizing IF events. There were two, for SOUL and TABLE, it was fun and interesting. There's nothing more rewarding than making other people happy and through beauty that's even better. I'm looking for a place for a next one!

On the not beautiful side...

Unplanned changes. I don't deal well with that. I often withdraw and put my desires aside. Then, it's hard to start again.

Elsewhere dedication. The past year I took another assignment that consumes my heart. In that case my blogging doesn't have priority anymore. It really makes me sad but it's the truth.

Lack of time. I must straighten my priorities so later on, I won't have regrets. Times goes by and I need to use it wisely.

Physical weakness. I get tired of all the things I want to do, and I forget there's only so much I able to manage.

And in the future...

With the age my vision of beauty changes. I won't say that clothes or decorations are not important but... the real beauty is inside us. Guard it, tend to it so it may flourish. Great motivation for me recently became Catholic Saints. People like Mother Cabrini, who wouldn't accept any "no" and pressed very hard till her mission was accomplished. I want to accomplish my goals too.

When my plans don't work the way I want, I then wonder... is it really about me? And isn't it that through the trouble and weakness we gain our greatness? Regardless of it all I try to remain faithful and persist even when it gets difficult, believing IF has its purpose, and trust God's help in doing so.

On IF 3rd birthday, I celebrate. It's a beautiful feeling to be treated special by the ones you love. Get all the wishes, presents and surprises!

Please pray for me that I have humility to appreciate what I have achieved and strength to do more through my beautiful writings. Thank you!

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