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Sweet bakes on the table

The gatherings around the food on the table won't be completed without a sweet! It's just not the same thing. I'm not good at making desserts myself so even more, I dream of these baked goods made by my mother, aunts and grandmother. I keep complaining they didn't teach me, they say I never wanted to learn. Either way, I'm still hopeful I can fix that eventually. For now, I must humble myself and enjoy what others have done!

What's so great in the US, home bakes are a very popular way for fundraisings, which takes place often in my little Poland on the American land... Variety of Polish desserts are served almost every week, satisfying the eye and the palate. Some of them are still very traditional and others get American twist already.

On my pictures below they are served on the famous Boleslawiec tableware. Poles will recognize it.

Cheese cake

We like cheese cakes and make it with farmer cheese, which makes the texture rich and dense. On the bottom of this one there's brownie and fresh fruit with shredded chocolate on the top.

Polish Honey cake

There are a few layers of crust sweetened with honey and filled with a cream, which is made with semolina and raisins. To add some crunch, the cake is topped with walnuts.

Jelly cake

This one resembles the Angel cake as a first layer, then home made whipped cream and the top layer is the jelly with sweet, canned peaches.

Carpathian Cream Cake

It's a cream pie consisting of two layers of choux pastry and filled with vanilla milk custard.

I'd like to share some further inspiration for bakers, either already professional or still learning. There's someone, who takes the dessert making to a different, super fancy level. Meet Danuta and her beautiful and sweet creations!

Cream Puffs


Farmer's Cheese Doughnuts

Birthday Cake

Doesn't it all look delicious? I promise, it tastes even better!

Thank you for those, who put work into baking, that's a special skill and gift for us, who like to eat it!



a beautiful sweet creator, whose work is inspirational and contagious.

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