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an invitation to the closet

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

You can’t talk about beauty without the clothes and all the accessories that make your outfit. And even though everyone has their own taste... not every style is beautiful.

I’m going to tell you what’s in my closet, a collection of many years from many countries. I guess many of us collect clothes over the years, appropriate for the weather, depending on our mood and probably budget too. I do get moments I wish I didn’t throw away or donate something, especially that vintage is in fashion again and shopping in second hand boutiques is not a shame anymore. Plus, with the environmental concerns we should be clothing wiser. Wherever your clothes are coming from I hope you like them and enjoy looking beautiful.

There's an every morning dilemma what will I wear, is this going to go well with that. The often answer is "I don't have anything to wear" so I keep buying even though the closet gets fuller and fuller. You do after all need a lot of clothes for every season and occasion. There are different clothes when you go camping or for lunch with your girlfriends and church celebrations. So I like my closet full of colors, I prefer solids but there are patterns too. There are shoes, purses, all type of accessories like belts, scarfs and gloves as well as jewelry. I have been buying clothes and accessories as my traveling souvenirs. I bought a purse in Spain, necklace in South Africa and a ring and earrings in Turkey. I moved a lot too so I'm loosing track of my wardrobe stock. I like dressing up and what's for sure is that my outfits are organized in matching fashion so they look... beautiful, of course!

I'm aware that Bible says: "don't worry too much about the clothing"... but it doesn't give me a definition of "too much". As for me it's never too much.

I also have a dream one day I’ll be sewing my own clothes. My first tries with the sewing machine I can’t call a success yet. I’ll keep trying though.

Old times outfit...

I don’t know if I can say I dressed or rather was dressed beautifully as a child.

This was an outfit my father put together on a trip without my mother. She wasn't very pleased after she saw the pictures of how he dressed me. I still wear stockings like the ones my grandmother made for me in this picture. I don't wear berets, maybe I should try again, but there are plenty of hats in my closet.

Perfect outfit...

I like old movies just for the costumes women wear in them. I always thought I’d like to live in those times. I got a sample of how it feels at my wedding. Since I got married in an old church and a palace that helped to get the feeling.

The dress is beautiful, cut perfectly for my figure since I'm very skinny, it covered my bones. The material looks rich and feels soft. It has a little bow in the front and back, many many buttons. The veil is finished with a gorgeous lace. There are also shiny shoes and jewelry.

After wearing the wedding dress for 12 hours I came into conclusion that those clothes were tiring. So I’ll stick to admiring these dresses in the movies and museums.

These days outfit...

Long ago I was at a retreat and heard an older lady. She had to take care of a sick person for few years and she completely forgot about herself. After they passed away she didn't remember any more who she was, what she liked. So she had to learn about herself again. I keep thinking about this lady any time I discover something new about myself. When I started to think about this blog I realized I'm very creative. I'm not sure if people who I ask to execute my ideas like that.

I remember my mother giving away clothes that we won't wear anymore to those who need them. So I packed a bag of clothes to give away too. Corona virus happened so the bag was waiting for a long time. Then I thought about the orange dress that was already in the bag (that's the one in the first picture of this post). I always liked the color and the soft fabric and the fact that it travel with me for summer vacations. We shouldn't be saying "goodbye" yet but instead it could get a second life if I cut it, add an elastic around the waist and decorative zipper on the top. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Oh well... I'm not experienced seamstress, so I asked me sister in law who knows more. Lindsay was also smart enough to find out how to do it correctly rather than just cut and sew. Anyway, I'm rather pleased with the end result and you can see it on the pictures. I always had the thing for matching clothes so since scrunchies are back... I'm actually happy about this, they are cute addition to many outfits, healthy for the hair and in this case free. After this project I like them even more

No matter how much you have in your closet you always look for something new. Why do we like dressing up so much? Shopping? Looking for or making accessories? Sewing a dress, crocheting a scarf, making earrings? Simply because we like to look nice for ourselves and others. But, really that’s just how God created us with that internal feminine desire to be beautiful. Look beautiful. Feel beautiful. Be admired for being beautiful.



a beautiful sister in law, manually gifted who uses her talents to heal her patients, feed and cloth her family and friends.

She creates custom handmade goods that can be seen at

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