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Beautiful Michigan

I'm not originally from Michigan so I'm still learning about its beauty. There's a lot human beings can invent, build and create to make our cities look beautiful. After a few years I have a number of special places that I would like to come back to, some I visited with a guide book and others were discovered almost accidently.

If I was to create a list of places to visit in Michigan they would include:

  • Detroit Historical Museum. It has some great real size exhibitions to remind us about the cities past.

  • Detroit Institute of Art. Constantly changing display of paintings, sculptures and other art objects and a little hidden spot in the middle called Kresge Court where you can enjoy the ambiance while listening to local musicians.

  • Eastern Market. The sellers not only offer vegetables, fruits and herbs but all sorts of other food selections as well as local art. The market is growing in size including more streets with restaurants and bars to stop by after the shopping.

  • Ford Field, Comerica Park, Little Ceasars Arena. Even though I'm not a sports fan I must list these impressive sport venues. And as my husband told me Detroit is one the top ten sports team cities in the US.

  • Casinos. I'm definitely not a gambler but there are three in Detroit. I visited one of them and it was an interesting part of Detroit's scenery.

  • Ford Museum and Green Field Village. You can just admire the exhibitions but also get a ride with an old car, buss or train. You're also invited to go inside old houses and buildings to see how the household life looked like back in the day. And finally you can see or try to use some of old manufacturing methods. There are friendly volunteers passionate about preserving history that will guide the way into the previous times.

  • Mackinaw Island. An unique tiny island with no motor vehicles allowed so you can hear each other, either your trip companions or the horse pulling your wagon. There are themed cute hotels, little stores, restaurants. Very pleasant for relaxation.

With all the interesting places, still, the most precious Michigan treasure is its "up north". Nature is the real beauty with not only awe but also calming effect. There are events, activities, sports and entertainment evolving around what nature has to offer. Plenty will agree that one of the special things about Michigan are the distinctive seasons. So you do feel the hots of the summer and freezing colds of the winter and of course the seasons in between, spring and fall too!

Mirella has shared some of her nature Michigan's photographs.


This season invites you with blooming flowers and trees. As for the events there is a tulip festival where all around you can admire the colorful, springy flower. You can buy the bulbs and bring them home to your garden.

There are also fruit festivals with not only beautifully covered trees but the smell too. To motivate you even more you can take a part in a 5k/10k orchard run. Finally, in case you're looking for a new hobby you can learn how to collect maple sap to make your own maple syrup. If you like something very easy go to Cranbrook Gardens for a manicured landscape, any Arboretum for a nice variety of trees or any park really, there are plenty here.


My favorite season. Either you do short trips or long vacation Michigan Great Lakes won't disappoint you.

Beautiful clear water with deep colors depending on the area or the lake size. Unforgettable sunset and I know it'll be super early but sunrise too. Lighthouses all over the lake shores. Whatever water sport you like, from just swimming to kayaking to kitesurfing. Camping, in open air, tent or fancy campers. If you're not up to the long ride up north at least visit one of the local farms for fruit picking, my favorite are raspberries but you can also enjoy apples, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, mulberries. All are healthy fun too. And if you really are not liking rural life than Belle Isle is the place to check out, with an impressive view of Detroit and Canada .


The colors of the season are well known. So head up north again this time to hike among beautiful trees that are changing their colors to amaze you.

Famous for this season are the wine tasting tours, but depending on your preferences there is beer or mead (honey based) samplings as well. Breweries welcome guests that want to try their specialties. For more local entertainment visit a cider mill for apples, apple ciders and doughnuts. Hay rides for small and bigger kids are good fun too.


I don't like cold... even clouds look dangerous.

Yet, snow can draw some pretty landscapes too. The trees covered in white and the lakes with the ice. If you like animals you can meet some deer looking for food. There are ice skating or skiing options for the active ones and winter festivals for those that just like watching. They have ice carving sculptures and even competitions who can make the best one, all in the Christmas lights mood. I have to mention people here like hunting, ice fishing and snowmobiling but this is mostly men's hobbies.

One rather bad experience that I have from moving to Michigan is that you have to drive everywhere because public transportation is not very developed. Here is my American perspective I give to me my Polish family and the Polish perspective I give to my American family (about visiting Poland).

My Polish family can't understand how far it is to walk from one place to another, not to mention the lack of sidewalks. It is impossible to explain to them that they need a car in Michigan because they are so used to public transportation back home. And to my American family, it is hard for them to understand they don't need a car in Poland, the city centers are designed for walking and there's plenty of public transportation: buses, trains, trams, taxis or even boats.

Every state has something unique that will interest you, these are Michigan places. In conclusion to describe my state I'll simply say it's BEAUTIFUL. Come, see and enjoy... Be blessed with God's marvelous nature that we're granted here!



a beautiful photographer, very fond of nature and eager to show it in her pictures.

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