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Beautiful Romania - brasov & surroundings

Brasov at dusk

Welcome to Brasov, my lovely hometown. Transylvania, the region in central Romania, it's well known for Bran castle or the legend of Dracula but when I think of Brasov, I see Tampa mountain! Here you may see the Old Town with its narrow streets of Schei. This part of the old town was born hundred of years ago. Tampa mountain is the home of brown bears, wild hogs and deers. It is a privilege to live surrounded by nature. Nature makes us live in the present, appreciate the past and hope for a better future. Each time I hike on Tampa I get away from everyday distractions, the trails clear my mind and heal my soul.

Where time stood still - Holbav village

Holbav village - I call it, the Pearl of Brasov. Placed near Brasov town, about 20 km away. It doesn't matter if you walk those hills in winter or summer, autumn or spring, the surroundings of this small village are amazing. You can admire Piatra Craiului mountains on one side, Magura mountains on the other side, mighty Bucegi mountains further. Here and there tiny houses spread around hills. Here it's not 2022. Electricity up on the hills was provided and installed only last year. Yet, I bet those villagers live here happily. Maybe not rich, but happy. When I walk around here, I like to cheer and wave at them. They smile back, every time.

Above the clouds - Transfagarasan

Mighty Fagaras mountains! You can get there either by cable car, by bike or by car using this majestic road called Transfagarasan. The road was built in the early 1970's. The Top Gear crew called it "one of the best roads in Europe". The highest point is above 2000m. It is spectacular. Starting here, you can hike the rocky Fagaras mountains, straight to the top of Romania's highest peak, Moldoveanu, 2555m. These trails are not for the faint hearted but every path you choose from here it is heavenly. If you like snow, in winter you may sleep in an Ice Hotel built from ice blocks extracted from the biggest glacier lake, Balea. You are curious, aren't you?

Little big hill: Lempes

Below Lempes hill extends Sanpetru village. Lempes hill is not big at all. Although it is small, it has its own aura. I see it as a piece of nature with its own microclimate. In spring, hundreds of flowers are filling these hills and its tiny forest behind. Deers or wild hogs might be seen on Lempes. For me, Lempes is a quick and short breath of fresh air.

Morning glory: to Bucegi mountains

I have to say I am a morning person. But I am not the only one. In winter, small groups hike or ski tour to Postavaru mountain. If you are lucky enough, you can see the Bucegi mountains, just like in this photo. Even if the weather is bad and you can't see them with your own eyes, you know they are there. You know that a foggy day in the mountains is still better than a sunny day in the office. Some legends say that Bucegi mountains have a mystical energy. I think every mountain has a positive energy. Up there you find peace, even in time of war. Up there you can find happiness even if you are sad. Up there you can get lost to find yourself.

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Mihaela Mihai
Mihaela Mihai
Mar 06, 2022

I'm so glad that you shared about my beautiful hometown and his surroundings. They're really beautiful places. Thank you so much! Beautiful pictures, I enjoy it reading. ❤

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