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Not that long ago, I went to a big business event, and I wasn't sure what to wear... Seeing other participants didn't help either. No heels but sneakers, no ties but sweaters. Style, as always, is such a unique thing. I plan to come back to the professional life so I figured, I shall prepare my closet for interviews and meetings.

Reviewing what is in fashion right now was confusing and it didn't help much. I must, then, just do my own thing and follow my ideas what should be business appropriate. One thing I'll say, in order to create a beautiful look, you must do some work and think about the whole picture; clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, hair and make-up, which I neglected recently. And finally, you must put on a positive attitude that includes your smile!

I took out some of my clothes that I thought were good... realizing how much stuff I actually have and tried what looks best. I like what I came up with.

First, the dress

Pink is not a typical business color... but I want to stand out in a crowd.

The dress is paired with a cute, grey jacket, black stockings and elegant boots. As for the jewelry I have matching pink earrings and a few bracelets.

Finally, my hair is tied in the back, and I put on gentle make-up with pink lipstick to enhance my smile.

Second, the pants

It's the turquoise color again that makes this outfit so special.

Matching the pants with black and white was a good combination to achieve the business look. In addition, using a tie and a belt, plus the jewelry complete the overall picture well.

The hair looks a little wild and I had to show my turquoise eyes too!

Third, the skirt

Dark brown color with a long style makes this outfit professional.

The skirt is combined with a white jacket under which, navy flowers present themselves on a grey blouse. Plus, pearls in earrings and a ring add the elegance to the outfit.

The hair style is a little serious and I added a tiny bit of brown around the eyes.

Fourth, the shorts

These are cute fall colors and smart cut.

They are matched with an orange blouse and completed by a navy jacket. I'm also wearing heels in similar colors. For the jewelry I picked old gold earrings, a stylish necklace and bracelets.

Some years ago, I learnt to use a little bit of pink powder on my cheeks, and I continue to do so.

There were interesting things that I heard at this event:

- Being entrepreneur means, in a few years we all know, we'll be doing something different.

It sounds wrong but... I thought I will be blogging for a long time yet I'm already adding events. Plans do change, so not only I want to share beauty through written words but in-person gatherings as well.

- As for the work schedule, four days week is a good solution.

I post less frequently, which means I work and stress less but hopefully it has no influence on the quality of my work. The reasoning behind it is, that well rested happy people, produce better results in a shorter period of time.

- The most exciting thing about your business is the first customer, who's willing to pay you money for your product or service.

I haven't experienced this yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

- Talk about your passion to everyone.

I'm not a good salesperson. I can't be doing this, if it doesn't feel right or appropriate.

- Take care of your own well-being.

I don't have much time for it, but I acknowledge the fact that this is important.

- Lastly, the words of inspiration and encouragement; be kind to yourself, give yourself some credit and have fun!

The pictures for this post are all taken by me! They are not perfect but since it was a first time, I think I did a good job.

In business, the first impression is the key but then you must carry yourself well, smile and be competent. When I look beautiful, I feel more confident, speak more convincingly and end up being more successful.

Jesus, please lead me!

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