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There are many celebrations around this time of the year, therefore plenty of occasions to dress up. Events like Confirmation, First Communion and Graduation require special outfits to pay the respect to those, who are inviting us. I like to make myself look beautiful, so that I can start getting into festive mood, even before entering the celebration venue.

I prepared few outfits that will present themselves beautifully for those special events. Besides the clothes there will be accessories like shoes and purses, but also jewelry which I think I neglected recently. All the items are arranged nicely together, as they say it's all about the details.

It's also funny in English language you "wear" make-up, so I guess it's a part of the outfit too. That's not how we'll say it in Polish, but rather "we paint ourselves". I don't do much of the make-up, maybe I got convinced in Germany it's better to stay more true and natural to the real me! Or maybe I simply don't know how to do it correctly or finally I'm just lazy.

I don't know if every single little girl likes to dress up, but I did...

I'm not exactly sure about the occasion but my guess will be Corpus Christi procession, where I'd thrown flowers, since my dress is white.

Practice makes perfect! How long do you need to practice and what actually the definition of perfect is, I wondered while taking the pictures? And this goes further, to completing outfits for the celebration. Are these shoes matching? Are they beautiful? And, I must be getting old because I also ask myself: are they comfortable too?

For the celebrations, dresses will be the obvious choice, so I do have two of my favorite ones, although sometimes I feel that I like all my dresses. After all, I'm the one, who picked them, usually.

There are quite few factors that come to play... the cut, the material, the style, the color/s.

My first idea are laces, I think of them as being old fasion, yet they are very elegant. I receive many compliments for this dress, possibly because it fits me very well.

I wear it with shoes and a purse of the same color. It's short and gets wider at the bottom, the same goes for the sleeves.

The zipper at the back of the dress, is golden so I have matching earrings and a ring, that's a beautiful artwork on its own.

Since black is always in fasion, this is my second proposal. Top of the dress has shiny layers and down is bulky, giving it a fancy look.

To make it livelier, I paired the dress with pink vibrant shoes, that are being worn in a fun way, tied around the ankles. To add some sparkle, I used a purse with gold pattern and chain.

As for the jewelry, necklace beads are covered with colorful fabric and because that's a lot already, I have small gold earrings.

For less formal events yet still sophisticated enough, I like my white and blue suit. It's very well done, with interesting details like blue insides and endings.

The shoes are navy with brown heels and hence the cute purse of that color. I like that these bring some contrast to the light suit.

The earrings are very pretty, combination of blue and white mosaic and silver flowers. Simple, silver bracelet is exposed because the sleeves of the jacket are short.

Still smart but more comfortable will be the last idea. This is black again but this time, pants in solid color and blouse in blush and black too. I normally prefer solid colors, but there's something attractive about these tiny dots. The pants have narrow, made of the same material belt, which makes them more interesting.

The shoes are glittery, so they make the whole outfit more special. The purse is made of similar material like the pants.

The jewelry on the black background shines even more. Earings are rich looking, they resemble the flowers at the top, go down with small beads and finish with loose tiny chains in different shades of gold. There are five textured, gold rings to make the complete outfit.

I understand that showing up at the celebration is what matters... but looking beautiful is important too. Happy celebrations!

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