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Charity makes the soul beautiful

Everyone likes the idea of helping but there's often a problem with the execution. That's unfortunate, because I truly believe that works of charity change the soul. Turn it to be more beautiful. The main motivation however is love...

This picture is taken during one of the charity events I was part of. My parents taught me to help which means they taught me to love. That's a big compliment, isn't it?

What's so profound about charity?

  • It redirects your thoughts from "you" to "others". Helps you to see that there are people out there in much worse condition than you are, both physically and spiritually. Charity makes you self aware and heals you from the selfishness.

  • Gives you joy!

  • Professionally you would say it teaches you "team work", religiously we say "unity in the church". Working together gives a great sense of satisfaction but working together for God gives you greater fulfillment.

  • It allows you to meet new friends whose hearts are alike hence there is a special connection right away.

  • You get very motivated to do more.

I started to help a long time ago and the more I was doing, the more I realized that the line from Bible, Acts 20;35 is true.

There's more joy in giving than in receiving.

Happily I became a volunteer for the Christian Service Committee at Our Lady of Czestochowa. Barbara, the coordinator, was and still is my inspiration and teacher. There is plenty to learn but mostly you just need a heart that is willing to help, like she does, gently yet effectively. The Committee works on variety of projects that help those in need in my Parish and beyond. People contact us to request assistance but we also try to proactively seek the opportunity to support those who won't ask for help.

We prepare gifts for single mothers and low income families, assist kids in religious education and help the sick.

We are also a part of a bigger organization now called The Archdiocese of Detroit Office of Evangelical Charity. Chris, the director, is a young, educated and experienced man with a real heart to help. To me, this essentially translates to love in the name of God. This makes me happy because his professionalism and energy is contagious. One of the biggest actions we have is Mercy in Action Day of Service. For the last six years Parishes in the Archdiocese are invited to perform actions that will meet the community needs.

This is the graphic for this year. They also provide a long list of ideas of what you could do. There's something as easy as making greeting cards for nursing homes, as complicated as organizing a 5k charity race, as creative as collecting unused make-up, perfume, and cosmetics for women in shelters, or as practical as cleaning up trash in your community.

My Parish this year conducted the following projects for Mercy in Action Day of Service:

  • Visit a Senior Center to remind the elderly that they're not forgotten and we'd like to spend time with them.

  • Collecting clothes for the needy. This is an easy action to involve others.

  • Cleaning up a cemetery to show respect and care for the deceased ones. Also, because this work was done by the youth we're teaching them about charity which is very important.

  • Collection of hygiene items, socks and snack bars that are being assembled into packages; together with a card assuring them about God's love and our prayers.

  • Praying for all in need during the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

There are different organizations that do charity works. If you interested to start, I'd recommend getting involved with Catholic Charities of South East Michigan.

Nick, a case manager, will inspire you to help and connect with others who need your help. What I admire about him is that he has a great gift of prayer which makes his work so much easier. His passion is reflected in his smile.

Give it a try and begin your charity journey! I must warn you though... once you start helping you may not want to stop. Which is absolutely a beautiful thing.

I'm very grateful that it started with my parents and till now God still introduces me to these beautiful people who share passion for charity work. Thank you!



a beautiful Coordinator of the Christian Service Committee at Our Lady of Czestochowa Catholic Parish devoted to help those in need


a beautiful Director of the Evangelical Charity for the Archdiocese of Detroit who inspires and brings all the Parishes together


a beautiful Case Manager at the Catholic Charities of South East Michigan excited to share with you the wonderful work his organization is doing

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