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checkered closet

I'm not sure why I think checkered is a good pattern for the winter... but I do have a few pieces with this motif for the cold days. Sometimes though, it doesn't matter how warm the clothes are, I'm still cold... but at least the thought of looking beautiful helps. Plus, I have a brand-new piece of clothing, made especially for me with a colorful plaid pattern.

The picture above was taken in Bogusia's sewing studio, the perfect background to inspire creativity. She's a professional seamstress and she expanded my checkered collection by sewing me a beautiful new skirt!

These are the other checkered pieces that I have and wear over the winter...


It's a Polish brand, from when I used to work in the office. It's made from thicker material and has a serious design, so it's good for cold days.

Even though I don't quite like brown this has a lovely combination, with beige and navy. It has cute patches on the elbows and a border over the pockets that makes it look trendier. Finally, there are the decorative double buttons on the sleeves.


It's made of little traditional small blue and white squares. I like it as an additional layer of clothes... when I'm very cold yet still want to look more official.

The pattern is almost boring, with the exception of the interesting front, three rows of frills, broken by the line pattern.


I'm aware that shorts are not the typical winter piece but... the idea that you wear something not predictable is exciting.

I like that they are made of thick material and wintery colors. The belt has nice buttons and loops. Depending on what I pair it with, they are good for plenty of occasions.


This is one of my fun clothes.

It has bright colors for good feelings. The plaid color combination allows me to wear it with many outfits.

When I was looking at my checkered pieces, I came to the conclusion that I was missing a skirt and I need; or using my husband's more precise language, I want a new one. Not that it'll keep me warm, but it'll give me a reason to smile during the cold days.

So, I get these ideas that designing things is easy because you can do absolutely anything you want... but then, what exactly is this anything you want? A checkered skirt, it sounds simple, but that's still a pretty open concept.

I keep making the same mistake of envisioning what I want and then getting disappointed when I can't find it. I don't know if this means that I should go into designing things since they don't exist or... what I'm proposing isn't actually that beautiful. This can't be true, can it?

First, I couldn't find what I wanted, I struggled to pick a fabric from what was available.

Eventually, I decided on the one in the middle since it seemed the most fitting for me. Maybe this was also inspired by my poncho.

Second, I couldn't decide which style I like more but more importantly what will look good on me.

I wasn't convinced but went with the first one.

Thank God for Bogusia and her patience and help!

The pictures below illustrate what she created. The fabric was cut into a circle, which allows smooth, natural folds.

I like it a lot! The pattern looks good, the bright red and blue makes it very alive. It's nice and long which means it'll keep me warm, and it matches perfectly with my grey boots.

The lesson that comes to my mind, like with everything else, the skill of creation requires practice. God, please give me patience. This was a successful project, which helps a lot with motivating me to continue this type of work. I plan to learn to sew in the future, until then, I'll look beautiful in my new checkered skirt!



a beautiful seamstress, experienced and professional, who creates high quality clothing with her colorful threads and sewing machines.

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