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Christmas closet

There are obvious things about Christmas like the date it falls on in December or your traditions depending on where you are coming from. Every hostess puts an emphasis on different aspects of these celebrations... among many of mine I pay attention to the outfit.

It's not only the Christmas itself but I learnt that in America the holiday is the whole month of December not just one day. So clearly more than one outfit is needed! I'll see what's in my closet but will likely come to the conclusion that shopping is necessary.

With all the celebrations like trimming or lighting the Christmas trees, kids Christmas functions, Christmas parties and finally Christmas dinners and Christmas Mass where we rejoice the birth of Baby Jesus I like to dress appropriately.

The old

There's something very special in this dress and that's why it should be worn for festive occasions.

I call it my Christmas dress because that's what I had on a few years ago at Christmas Eve when my boyfriend was proposing to me. I bought it in Poland so carries even more sentimental value. Besides the red stripes it's not really especially Christmas one but paired with shiny jewelry feels right.

The red

I like red regardless of the season so I have a quite a few red pieces. Since it's a bright color I like it with any white and black combination. You can see on the pictures below the ones I wear the most.

A long red skirt with tiny bit of shiny threads that is very suitable for any occasion.

It goes below the knee and the elastic waist makes it comfortable to wear. It does look good with snow too!

These red pants are made of thicker material which makes them good for outside outings.

They have this slightly old fasion crest which makes them still elegant and suitable for Christmas celebrations.

A red sweater, turtleneck style to keep me warm during the cold weather.

It's less fancy but not all the events are official and even though I'm often overdressed it's a bit low key. The buttons on the sleeves add some cuteness to it though.

I use this red jacket if some formality is needed.

The cut is simple but the pockets and patterned buttons make it more fancy.

The new

I did end up doing some shopping because Santa may not exactly know my style. Christmas is the season of joy so what more I can say than looking beautiful makes me happy!

I don't know if I am getting old but this dress which fully covers me seemed to be perfect. It fits pretty nicely to my figure and the abundance of material around the neck and the skirt part make it super feminine.

Something shiny

As a mom too much of jewelry isn't practical and the advice I heard once is you should wear no more than three pieces of gold or silver at a time. For Christmas however I allow myself more shiny accessories.

The season is very special to me so I wear my wedding jewelry. The design is the squares rather than circles stones which are nicely combined together.

I'm also trying to figure out something mature looking that I can wear on my head. I can't just put there fraser fir branches or pinecones, so I guess I will go without this year...Maybe next year.

Am I vain? I wonder but... Blessed Mary is always dressed up on the paintings and sculptures I see especially the ones with Baby Jesus. She was happy her Son was born and so am I! I welcome Him and celebrate His birth in my beautiful clothes out of respect for Him and for my own enjoyment. I'm sure He doesn't mind.

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