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closet full of colors

Warm fresh air makes me happy. Spring is almost here so I want to go out! Finally, we'll be able to show off our outfits again and there's no longer a need to cover under the winter wardrobe.

In general, I like all the colors and this can be easily found on my shelves and hangers.

I usually like my clothes in just solid colors. Often the intense color is enough but sometimes I think it needs some accessories to complete the look. When I got the idea for this post, I was truly surprised this was going to be in the closet category.

I have a very old necklace that I like a lot but the balls start to worn out and it doesn't look good anymore. While considering my colorful clothes I thought I can redo the necklace to a rainbow style. My intention was to pair it with many of my colorful pieces yet I don't think it will go well with all of them. I have bunch of greys, whites and blacks that will like the colorful accessory as well.

Painting has became one of my favorite craft activities so I excitingly got my paints and brushes ready to be used.

Red as...

my sweatshirt.

Once I became a mother I needed more comfortable, around the house clothes. Why can't they still be beautiful? The shirt is made of soft, thin material.

It has cute writing, very appropriate for me, the kids and our crafts too. A good reminder that we're always learning.

Orange as...

my sweater.

The sweater is from the office times. I always like cardigans because I'm forced to have a nice blouse under it, which automatically makes the outfit more interesting.

The silver buttons are especially cute, it has 3/4 sleeves so it's good for warm days, not cold or hot.

Yellow as

my jeans.

I used to have yellow jeans in high school and then I miss them. Since they are tight, they make me feel younger... I'm not sure about looking younger though.

The inside is nicely finished with flowers pattern material.

Green as...

my sweater.

It's perfect for the spring. Depending what it's worn with it can give both sporty and more elegant style.

The cuteness of it besides its bright green color, are the grey elbow patches.

Blue as

my dress.

I often buy dresses for a special occasion so this is one of them. I don't remember the occasion any more...

It's a simple cut but the sleeves are finished interestingly with additional strings of material that are tied into bows. This will be most likely the best pair for the necklace.

Purple as...

my sweater.

It was my last winter purchase, warm and cozy.

The complain about this sweater is that it's very short. I understand that's the fasion now but I'm too old to be showing off my belly!

As for my project, the idea of it was more beautiful than the execution I must admit. The painting wasn't as easy as expected. I don't know if that was the wrong paint or my painting technique but the balls were very hard to cover. The darker colors looked well after just two coats but the light ones needed many more. There are also paint runs on some of the balls. And, they don't shine as nicely as the old ones.

After all the picture doesn't show my struggles. What was even harder I couldn't get the ribbon through. I tighten the knots in between the balls as it was in the original necklace.

The end result is much better than I was envisioning it, while working on the necklace. One thing is for sure, I'll be wearing my colorful clothes this spring either with my redone necklace or not...

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