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cozy outside home

I like summer and being outside, preferably by the water but if not... at least I'll try to create a tiny bit of summer feel in my backyard. Since I have many blue items it should work well. I'll add some cozy fabrics and costal décor to imitate the vacation mood.

Romantic evenings need mood lighting also. I wish you could hear the music too. Depending on what you like, surround yourself with the summer feeling till it lasts.

That's how I did it!

Fix the old

This is one of the rules I heard long time ago, things can't be broken or damaged, definitely not if we talk about beauty. So starting with the outside furniture that doesn't look nice anymore, it had to be taken care of.

Being inspired by my last HOME post I decided to fix my furniture at least a little bit. I often imagine something is easy to do... until I start doing it myself. It's a good humbling experience. Sanding for example, never would I have thought it takes so much time! Also it comes as a surprise, because you can't really know what is under the paint until you start taking it off.

Not knowing the results... I initially wanted to sand it all down to get to the natural wood color but then as I was going along I really started to like this distressed look, I left it half finished!

I think it's beautiful and I'm again surprised how it changed after applying the clear coat. I'm happy how it added a touch of warmth and the color resembles the ocean coral a little bit too giving it a beach vibe.

Add life

I wanted to include life in the form of flowers and plants but actually I used trees. Since the spring clean up around the house I keep finding wild trees growing in odd spots. I can't just throw them away, so I plant them in pots and now they can be shown off in my summer presentation.

Some of the trees grow nicely although I'm aware these pots are too small and prevent them from having big and deep roots. A few of them unfortunately died but I keep planting them as I keep finding new ones. I'm not quite sure yet what I'll do with them long term.

Make it comfy

A few years ago I saw that they have outdoor carpets and I thought that's a brilliant idea that really brings the inside out. I have been collecting pillows since I a long time and now I posses a nice variations of colors for different occasions.

Blue is the most popular color and I matched it with a coral colored heart to send love to everyone, me included. Well, I treat myself gently! About this blue, I just feel it goes well with almost everything. The texture helps to build the atmosphere.

Include art

Initially I had this idea I'd be making some costal art for this set up but then... It's summer and we need to rest. I felt lazy and just bought some cute small pieces that will complete the summer picture of my vision for the happy, relaxed feelings.

I'll definitely learn one day how these are made. I imagine some type of stamping process.

Put it together... beautifully.

In my head I easily imagine what will go well together and look beautiful. Once I combine and match everything, it's not always the case but I think here it looks and feels the way I wanted. I put on my summer dress and I can relax. Hopefully you too!

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