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craft space at home

Maybe this is the New Year's motivation for action or I just can't stand my mess anymore but... my craft space needs to be fixed. I wish to say my craft room but in this case it's unfortunately too big of a word. The optimistic thing is that I'm using this as a line trial to see what will work in my future house and real craft room!

Different people get inspirations from various things but I have always liked colors! Therefore, I made some colorful boards. I started with the most pleasant part which is adding some beauty to the space.

I went "shopping" to the garage...

Those look pretty nice natural yet when I started to cover them with colors they got more alive.

My husband always tells me to be prepared for problems that will occur. I don't want to agree with him because I don't like problems. I had three main colors of the paint but I also wanted green which I thought I'd make by combining red and yellow since they are good vibrant colors. It wasn't the case. The green isn't as green as I'd like to. I really don't like this expression "good enough" but I guess I have to compromise. I wasn't sure how I'd do the writing myself so I just used stickers for the letters.

Before the Christmas rush I neglected my craft space largely. Things, that shouldn't be there, like seasonal decorations and wrapping papers with the ribbons got thrown all over the place. I tried to organize it from time to time so it's practical and useful but I decided to give it a little make over.

As the picture shows the space did require some work.

I'm going to tackle it professionally and apply the 5S rule that I learnt as a student and practiced at work.

  1. Sort. Separate what's needed or not. Throw away things that you're not going to use anymore.

  2. Set in order. Arrange and assign a place for every item.

  3. Shine. Clean everything.

  4. Standardize. Plan for regular clean up.

  5. Sustain. Keep repeating the first four points.

The first step is difficult for me because I have a hard time to decide what I need. Also, I don't like to throw things so some I just moved to a different spot for now.

Seeing the place unclutter motivated me to keep going...

The second step is very useful and as I like organized areas, I clearly understand why it needs to be done. I even bought new containers for some small objects.

The old, white drawer I use to keep my decorations and I made little signs so they are stored by the seasons and it's easier to locate them.

The third step of cleaning and putting everything where it should be was easy. I have variety of items like pom poms and clothing pins in the higher shelf, then fabrics and tools on the middle shelf and finally on the floor there are flowerpots and paints.

The fourth step seems too much but it does help to keep the desired output so I plan to clean this area on a regular basis moving forward.

The fifth step... Repeating steps 1-4, I'm curious myself how well will I do.

I'm happy with the final look. All the items are neatly organized and there's some beautiful colors to keep my creativity evolving. I like making things and having the materials nicely presented is encouraging.

Progress motivates me so I developed some of my blogging pictures in case I need some inspiration. They will also remind me of my little achievements when I get stuck with my work...

Happy creating, beautiful!

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