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Flower garden

What's the best ways to show beauty? Flowers! I started to learn how to grow them. Last year attempt wasn't successful at all, but I enjoyed the process so I'm trying again. I'm also realizing that they bring a lot of memories from my childhood, which I didn't expect.

What I call a garden now, is mostly just pots of flowers. However, there's going to be a lot of landscaping and gardening, when the new house will be ready, so I better get more experienced for the future.

The first walks outside this spring, revealed and reminded me, what happened last year.

On the picture there's a bulb that I planted, and some animals misplaced it into my children sandbox!

Very excited last year I went to a nursery and bought some nice flowers.

They looked beautiful for a very short time, because someone ate most of them. This was a quick lesson, that gardening is not that easy.

This year I'm taking, hopefully more effective approach. I read a lot over the winter, so I can implement some of the knowledge into the practice. There's a big emphasis on "some" because I don't listen very well and I'm stubborn, thinking I know better than these experienced gardeners, that grow flowers for decades. Oh well! Making mistakes is one of the best ways of learning.


In the fall I planted some seeds and the flowers are about to open up! It was a wildflower mix, that included different annuals and perennials.

There are two things about that. One, there's going to be a surprise, what's the flower going to be. Two, I'm nervous to pull anything what grows there, because I don't know which is actually a flower or a weed. I'm not experienced yet to recognize the plants.

I started many seeds indoor too. Soon I learnt that a tiny mountain of soil meant that the sprout is about to pop out.

There were the seeds of my white, nicely growing snapdragons, that I collected. I also received colorful seeds from my cousin so I'm looking forward to seeing their colors.

I planted way too many, so now they're covering most of the front yard.

When I was a little girl, I threw flowers in Corpus Cristi processions. I remember how we gathered flowers and one of them that was fun to look for and pick was lupine.

They were cute to grow from seeds, yet I'm not sure of my success. The instructions said to plant them directly in their final spot.

I also did seeds of zinnia, cosmos, columbine, yarrow and sunflower. There are no signs of the flowers yet, but they're growing.


I received lilies of the valley from my friends and they're a wonderful reminder of the bike rides, when I was a child in Polish woods.

I don't have enough space for them now, so they stay in a pot but I'm looking forward to seeing them taking over the woodland on my new property. Recreating my memories and giving the same ones for my children makes me happy.

I learnt to appreciate hostas, so I transplanted some of the growing by my current house to pots for the future landscaping.

I don't remember very well how they bloom, neither their names.

Finally, I'm trying to propagate roses, from the old bush that grows now in our backyard.

I dipped the cuttings in the hormone powder, which supposed to ensure the success and I planted them in a potting mix. I'm waiting for what will happen, but it may take months.


There's something about the bought flowers that makes me angry. They are always so much nicer than the ones I grow! With the last year experience, I tried not to purchase them, but sometimes I just can't resist.

This beautiful primrose is what I bought this year, they are so cute that I will definitely have them in my new garden.

Second one, that I was somewhat forced to buy are the marigolds, because something is eating my vegetable sprouts now, and they supposed to be helping with the insects. They bring bright colors to the garden so it's a double benefit.

Growing flowers is a humbling process. Things don't go as I planned, and I get frustrated but the joy, while working with the flowers gives me hope, that one day my garden will be truly beautiful!

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