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flowers in the closet

With the blooming season we don't only want to enjoy the flowers but also wear them! They have a strong presence in the fashion world since forever and ideas on how to incorporate them grow constantly. Industry finds more and more advanced technology to produce them yet there's something special about the word "homemade". You can now design your own flowery patterns and have them printed directly on the fabrics. You can also add flowers to clothing in different forms, shapes and colors of course. Whatever your liking and style, most likely you have some elements with flowers that you wear. My closet has few special flower pieces in it...

In Lk 12:27 we read:

Look how the wild flowers grow: they don't work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers.

This is a humble reminder that I shouldn't worry about clothes too much. Even though I try so hard my work will never be as beautiful as God's creations.

First flowers...

This skirt must be about 15 years old but because of its good quality it still looks great and I like to put it on for sunny outings. It has a curious green and grey flower design on a silky soft material. Double diagonal stripes with two small metal flower accents on the belt line complete the look.

Second flowers...

The dress is from Germany and often I wonder either it's a flower or a tree but either way I like it because it feels like I'm wearing art. Pink, blue, white and black create a nice contrasting color combination. The back of it is solid black and makes it more elegant.

Third flowers...

This blouse depicts flowers in rich intense colors of different shapes. It was a gift from Poland. I wear it a lot during the hot days. The cute cut makes me feel younger.

The new season brings a desire for something new to wear too. How special is it if it's made for you by someone? This someone for me is Asha and this is her beautiful work:

She makes bracelets and gets ideas from nature. This one is made of layers of bright yellow beads of different shapes connected with a cute bee. All inspired by daisies.

Next is this set of bracelets of an earthly tone, black lava and grey stones in a perfect shape of round balls. The lava ones can be sprayed with perfume and the fragrance will be released over time, then you can wash it and use different fragrance next time.

Here, her motivation came from pink hydrangea made of tiny balls. The pink bracelet is paired with big and small silver ones for contrast.

Asha started this as her hobby, a space to rest her head and soul, but now she is gracious enough to share it with her friends.

Forth flowers...

This very long dress, made with light material is perfect for the season with a combination of green and blue. Green like the trees, grass and leaves. And blue like the warm days sky.

This is paired with a matching set of green and blue mosaic colors earrings and two bracelets that Asha made. Every ball is unique so it makes it look really beautiful.

Either you wear the flowers on your fabrics or just watch or smell them please remember their Creator. He may invite you to do something beautiful as well!



a beautiful friend, very inspiring and helpful, dedicated to create beauty out of beads.

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