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Garden clean up

I don't like to clean up... but more than this I don't like a mess and things that are not beautiful. Currently that's my garden unfortunately. This is the time of the year that all the vegetables, flowers and plants dry up and perish.

I gather my motivation and get to fixing this! It's cold but still sunny. The beautiful leaves remind me it's the time to clean it up and get ready for the winter.

This is what I started with...

Weeks of neglect, unfortunately. There are still some vegetables growing, the tomatoes, bell peppers and acorn squashes. As I was pulling the old bushes of tomatoes I smiled because they still have their smell. I'm looking forward to start growing them from the seeds in few months again, the constant beauty of gardening.

It starts to look better...

There's quite a lot of weeds there and some leaves which I'm not so concerned since they are consider brown compost (dried ones). It wasn't actually hard, nor did it take a long time.

The best!

So far, it still needs some old roots to be pulled up but I'll wait till they dry up. I shall also apply some compost. I have been collecting remains from the vegetables and fruit all summer but it doesn't look quite ready yet.

Moving outside the garden is my herb cart which is ready for the fall clean up as well. The herbs are still partly growing and some of them stay green, I worry though that the first frost will kill them. My happy thoughts about them is that I'm going to grow them inside. I'll also look forward to see if anything will survive the winter and come back next year.

For now I'm picking what's left of them to be dried and used in winter cooking.

Even further from the garden and at the front porch there are flowers that are ready to finish the season too. It makes me sad to pull them all out. The thought that next spring we can start all over helps. They did serve the purpose of being beautiful through the summer.

I'm collecting the tags to learn the names and the correct ways to care for them. So these I liked and they may come back next year. They looked beautiful and didn't need much care. Besides water I was advised to pull out the dry ones to make room for the new ones so I enjoyed this during the summer. I liked watching the progress so the fact that they expanded during the sunny days was pleasant.

This is my favorite outside plant. It changes colors that will still look beautiful for few more weeks.

My husband bought it in a rush not knowing what it was, it's called Sweetspire. It turned out to be a surprisingly happy thing. Its leaves turn red and it's the second year so it slowly grows bigger and puts a smile on my face, giving me hope I'll myself grow to be a real gardener one day!

I have this strong desire to grow roses. Unfortunately, the journey from my desire to execution is very long. These must like me because even though I don't take care of them much they stay alive.

I'll see them blooming again next year.

I'm closing the garden season with my personal lesson's learned from this year:

  • don't forget to water the garden

  • pull weeds

  • the plants will explode so either plant less of one kind or prune them

  • be mindful that not all of your seeds will grow

  • make sure you harvest at the proper times before the vegetables rot

  • don't loose motivation to do it again!

If only I could learn from my own advice! God help me to grow as beautiful as my garden.

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