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greys in the closet

With colder days we need warmer clothes. The revision of my fall wardrobe reveals that I wear a lot of grey which I think is a good thing because they are still beautiful! They do seem boring at first but it's important what you pair them with. My closet looks a little bit like a rainbow, there's no color that I don't have/wear.

I also had this thought while picking the pieces for the photos that I have too many clothes and it's hard to chose the best ones! I'm sure I'll forget this next time I need to put together a nice outfit. This is how my collection presents itself...

Sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts.

I think a word "sweater" is a synonym for colder weather and that's something I reach for the most during this season.

I must also say that initially I struggled with the pictures for my posts, but now I enjoy doing them. It doesn't mean I got better at it, it's just the thought of taking them isn't stressful anymore, but rather pleasant.

So the old grey sweater on the left I bought in Poland a long time ago. It also requires clothing under it which makes an outfit richer, well... you still have to do it right. The nice thing about it is that the mood changes depending on what you pair it with. Elegant with a white shirt and sporty with a colorful t-shirt.

The fancy version of grey would be the jacket in the middle, the buttons are a little worn out by now but because it feels sophisticated and I still get plenty compliments about it I still happily wear it.

Now since I became a mom my closet needed to be updated to more child appropriate clothes, they are still beautiful just in a different way. It'll be hard to climb on the playground in a dress or long skirt. So I like my well worn grey sweatshirt that looks not gym-like. I was told once that I should wear more sporty clothes as they make me look better/younger.


Even though it's not something I wear much these days they will always be a part of my collection.

I'm also not yet convinced that I'm good at staging but the wind today was doing the job. Thank you God!

These two dresses are photographed from the back. The first one is comfortable and feminine. I usually wear it with a vest or a shawl because alone seems too revealing and I'm too old for it! The other one is interesting for its details in the back.


No style can be presented without them.

And I had fun playing with the shoes on the leaves!

The fancy ones are shiny and somewhat comfortable because of the long heels, if it's even possible. Great for church and other formal occasions. The boots, I start wearing in the early fall because they are really meant for sunny days since they are made of suede.

The smaller boots are my favorite style of shoes. I have different types and colors. These like the boots are perfect for warm fall days when its not raining since they are made from the thick felt. They are super comfortable and match many of my fall ideas.

Pants and sweatpants.

I have plenty of greys pants, different shades and styles.

It's said you shouldn't be taking pictures in the sun. I say as long as it's not raining I'm good.

The first pair I purchased for the office when I was working, traditional cut that still looks very good. The second one is the leftover from the early pregnancy wardrobe because of the elastic but you can't really tell this. I liked them and even though they are a little too baggy I still want to wear them. They have elastic at the bottom too so they look good with the small boots and a belt that I tie as a ribbon.

The older I get the more comfortable I want to be. And that's a problem, I wear my sweatpants so much they got destroyed. I almost threw them away but... I figured I could try to fix them. Since they are for home use they don't need to be perfect. While doing crafts with the kids I realized that I like felt so I did a small craft project on my sweatpants to cover the little holes. The work reminded me that I'm not very good at it so let's see how long this fix will last. It does look nice though.

The benefits of greys are that they simply look good and go well with anything. I'd also call them gentle and likeable. I really feel beautiful in them. And hopefully look that way too!

Do you like grey? Do you wear it? Try this fall!

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