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Hearts in the closet

There's a month, that the emphasis on love is escalated. Many argue that you must love every month or even day. Yet, we humans, often forget. So be reminded to wear love, which the most obvious way is hearts, on your clothes but really in your heart.

Why? I found a few reasons to wear hearts:

  • it reminds you and me that our purpose in life is to love

  • they're simply cute

  • they can go with anything either girly, casual, funky or fancy.

Don't you agree? See my closet creations with hearts! They are on my clothes and jewelry.


I have been told recently I look young. I do and often feel it too. However, if you look close enough, you'll notice my grey hair! So, from time to time, I like to remind myself... that I'm still a girl, who tries to dress age appropriate. Not sure about the success of it.

Both the t-shirt and hairpin have pretty heart shapes. I like the combination of blush and grey and shininess. In case I get cold, I put a warm black sweater on.


Is it that with age our desire for comfort grows? I think so and that's how my closet changes. However, with this age situation, I'm also wearing some make up, which I usually don't do much.

The hearts are on my shirt, hairpin and socks, the Valentines gift I once received.


Sometimes though, my clothes get as old as I am. This jean jacket and t-shit are super old. I don't mind, I still like them and as long as they don't tear apart, I'm wearing them. There's also still this unfulfilled desire that one day I'll learn sewing to be able to fix my clothes.

The hearts are on the t-shirt, hairpin and earrings. All different sizes but all sparkly and nice.


One of the ways I'll make myself look younger is to dress up beautifully and this look will translate to my feeling. Pink, especially this electric fuchsia was always my color! I also like contract so pink and white and black.

There're actually no hearts here, just the "Love" writing on my shirt. I like the clothes with a statement, which will represent your thought without a need of talking.

There's something that I learnt while creating this post. I have done quite a few shootings by now, either by myself or with other photographers. One of the best things you should always wear is your smile. I do this rarely, unfortunately. So, I must improve!

The smile can be too, the easiest and very effective way to love. So please wear hearts, smile and spread love as the well-known Bible verse from Mt 22;37 encourages you, that you shall love with all your heart.

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Mar 02

Beautiful accessories, compositions full of harmony and elegance.

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