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home decorating for Christmas

Buying a Christmas tree becomes our beautiful family tradition and once it is in the home there's no other option but to decorate it! Nowadays trimming the Christmas tree starts very early although, I do recall as a child waiting to decorate it on December 24th.

It used to be that the tree was the only decoration you'd do but now we have a few trees plus nativity scenes, garlands, Santa Claus with reindeers and Elfs, floral arrangements, stockings on the fireplace and so on.

I felt like it was Christmas already when I was picking the crafty items for making my decorations. As much as I like the store bought and sophisticated ones, I like to create something myself too.

I decided again on traditional Christmas colors of red and green but in their cozy version. I got the felt with some sparkle in it and some soft, thick yarn. In addition, I bought various ribbons which, I discovered are helpful and easy to use. They have become my favorite thing to use in the projects I'm doing. Too much is too much, however, I wanted to make sure there'll be some neutral colors as well. Very appropriate for Christmas were these wooden stars of different sizes that caught my attention.

My property again surprised me because any time I go there I find new beauty. This time it happened to be dried chestnut shells.

I pulled out some other dried natural things thinking they will go well with red and green. Then I got into working still not exactly sure how my beautiful Christmas decorations would look like...


I figured I can make a decorative string by hot gluing the shells, pine corns, stars and adding the colors of green and red bows.

Fastening the ribbons was tricky because I couldn't get them to look the same. Even more difficult though was gluing the chestnut shells which as they look, they actually are spiky. My fingers got pricked from them and burnt from the glue!


There's something about the circular shape that looks good on the Christmas tree so that's how I cut the felt and with yarn I made some kind of pompoms.

However, I didn't use any template, so my flat balls aren't in a perfect shape. I also had this white remnant of material that will do angels possibly. Then I folded a long yarn which again wasn't as easy as I expected but I also didn't check or follow any tutorials!


With the prepared pieces of materials, I started putting them together. I came up with:

  • Pompom - I didn't cut the yarn at the bottom thinking that this will add some volume and look better. I like a little of shininess, so I used gold ribbon to finish it.

  • Loving people - Angels seemed to be too complicated and I didn't have any idea for the wings, so I called my creatures the loving people as they have little hearts on them with the opposite colors for the ribbons. Their base it this brown stick with a ball that looks like a head.

  • Balls - Simple circles with the thread bows that were glued and are going to serve as hangers.

And that's how finally my ornaments look like.

Our fresh Christmas tree became the kids toy as they keep taking off and putting on the ornaments. Therefore, I needed to find a better place for my home-made decorations.

Gifts are one of the love languages and I must be loved because I receive many.

My mother-in-law gave me these, which I think because of the wooden base are super cute. My ornaments will be just right on them!


All the work is now on the Christmas trees. Recalling decorating the Christmas tree as a child we'd also hang chocolate candies. I'm just not convinced it's a good idea for my small children or the big one either... In Poland my brothers will play jokes with everybody eating the candy and leaving the empty wrapping that will still resemble the candy on the tree to trick the next person who would reach for it.

As the days become shorter it's very challenging to take pictures because by the time I'm done with my creations, it's starting to get dark. I don't know if the lights make it better or worse, but I consider them very important part of the tree look. It also has the significance of the star that shone for Baby Jesus.

Are these really beautiful? I wonder myself but the process of creation was enjoyable and that's what counts!

I wish you an abundance of joy when preparing and decorating for Christmas but most importantly when you meet newly born Christ!

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