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Home for Christmas

The Christmas joy is all around! Either I'm writing Christmas cards or participating in Christmas parties or decorating my home with a help of a friend, I feel happy, because these are finally the good times, that I waited for. And that waiting is now the part of almost ending Advent season, which will bring even more joy on Christmas Eve and Day. Let's get ready!

What's so special about the joy, is that we like to share it. This is a season for giving and receiving, hence this beautiful centerpiece, was I gift I got, and I cherish.

It all started with a trip to pick and cut our own fresh Christmas tree and further inspiration for me to decorate my home for the celebrations.

Then, when the days were passing, I realized that the whole month, meant for Advent and waiting, became the celebration already. After the Christmas tree was brought home, being truly beautiful I just added some color and sparkle.

Interestingly, I found out that my Christmas tree really motivated me for the morning prayers! The house is still asleep, it's dark and cold but wrapped in warm blanket and comfortable on the sofa I stare at my Christmas tree. The shining lights bring a smile on my face as I enter the time with Jesus, who in return blesses me with more joy and peace for these busy days of Christmas preparation. I never thought that in the comfort of my home, the Christmas tree will be my Advent helper, but it is and I'm happy for it!

This was a pleasant surprise to realize that my soul preparation for the Christmas this year goes hand in hand with my home decorating too.

Creativity is a great gift! Gathering a few items that we all have in our Christmas boxes and turning it into a beautiful decoration is a unique skill, that combined with hard work changes your home into joyful space. Sometimes doing it by yourself feels too much though, that’s why I was never shy to ask for help. That’s why I surround myself with “angels”, who happily share their talents and help me out in my journey of beauty. Please be introduced to Dorota, whose work I enjoy this Advent season. She’s been more creative, dedicated and effective than me! Here, the few ideas of hers that I liked…

Lantern for Advent

This is the symbol of our waiting for Baby Jesus to be born.

Things like spruce branch, pinecones, white flower, some gold and snow and the lantern gets dressed to look rich and cheerful.

Christmas Trees for Christmas

The list ideas of how to present a Christmas tree is endless.

Of Thread

A styrofoam shape is covered with wool, placed on wooden circle and finished with a star for warm and cozy holiday mood.

Of Felt

Next examples are cut and sewn from material, decorated with stars and dots in Christmas colors, that look very cute.

Of Wood

This is just a frame, cut and glued pieces transform to something very pretty when combined with shiny flower and balls.

Which one did you like the most?

More work is not necessarily something that we are looking for but after doing it and enjoying the beautiful results, we admit it was worthy. I'm so grateful that Dorota's talents and experience became the help for me.

Jesus will be born very soon. Is your home ready? But more importantly your soul? Enjoy the gift of His life, your helpful friends and the beautiful Christmas decorations.

Very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!



a beautiful decor creator, full of good ideas and taste.

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