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inside garden

It's snowing outside and I miss my garden... neglecting what's growing inside. With my past years gardening attempts, I learnt that besides the obvious criteria of beauty, I should pick plants that require low maintenance.

Plants not only are a very nice part of home decor but they also help to uplift one's mood, especially in winter. It can also be a rewarding hobby if you like it and have time.

This almost looks more like a forest. Shockingly I was able to find out the names of my plants and I was double checking if what I'm doing to them is correct.

I'm taking my tools out, checking the diagnosis on the situation and getting ready to play with the soil again.

This is what I have:

  • Water spray bottle, I often get nervous that I'll overwater my plants but usually it's the opposite. I like the spray because I clean the leaves as well. I'm aware that not all the leaves like the water but they all are getting a shower today.

  • New potting soil that I'm going to add to my plants.

  • Coffee grounds which I'm using as fertilizer.

  • Meter to check the soil.

I'm not surprised the plants are underwatered. Their conditions show it too and here is a closer look...


My friendship with ZZ plants has lasted for years and it's quite successful. Most likely because they don't need much care yet stay alive. The plant has beautiful, thick, rich looking leaves.

ZZ on the picture above has only few, short stems but it's been a transplant from another bigger plant.

I added a little bit of ground coffee and new pot soil. Then I showered the leaves to clean off the dust and that revealed bright green shininess.

Chamaedorea elegans

As I was looking for another plant for my collection, this one seemed the right one. It's a very popular tropical plant, probably because it's beautiful and easy in care. It can even survive with artificial light.

It grows nicely and even though not likely at home, it should have yellow flowers in spring.

It got a dry leave which maybe is normal but most likely is from a lack of water. After giving it the same care as the ZZ it looks much better.

Dracaena marginata

This one was one of my first Mother's Day gift. It started small but gets bigger alongside my children.

I didn't take care of it much recently and it shows! The leaves with very dry ends are drooping and the roots got exposed.

I repeated the steps from before and let the water awaken its beauty.


These are my favorite succulents. I have them for quite some time and I even propagated them.

Even though they also miss water, I see new leaves coming out. I think the cute pots make them look nicer too.

The ends of the leaves are dry too. Fertilizer, soil and water should help over time.

Something else

Accidently I realized that I kept the bulbs from last year's Easter hyacinths! What's even more interesting, they already started to sprout lying down by the basement window. I thought spring as soon as I saw them and just the sound of this word makes me smile.

They were mixed with other bulbs that I think are tulips... I'll find out eventually. I planted them in and there are three small buds that I'm going to watch and enjoy for the next few weeks. And water of course.

I have a snowy view but with the feel of warm spring already. I moved my plants into more visible area of the house to keep reminding myself to water them regularly. This work also motivated me to get ready for the seeds for the garden outside, which will be happening soon.

God created Eden as a beautiful garden and even though my gardening skills are rather amateur, I have strong desires to succeed eventually. I must learn the discipline of regular care. Try by try, one step at a time and someday my garden will be beautiful too. I'm looking forward to it!

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