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invite fall to your home

It's about time to move back inside the house. And even though there's some sadness with summer ending... there's beauty in the fall. It's really all about the colors of the leaves, autumn flowers, and vegetables. Possibilities for home décor are endless. Just make sure you explore them.

The picture is taken by my front door so I'm literally walking inside the house for this post. I'm learning, here in the USA, that writing on variety of objects is a very popular way of expressing ideas and I like it. It's interesting that you can send a message without talking! So "HELLO FALL" my sign says.

Thinking of autumn décor I brushed off last year's decorations. I was wondering if I would manage to make something new. Or just buy something. I always have desires to create new things. I enjoy watching the process of creation yet I don't often have time and furthermore often my results are not what I was hoping for. I'm not an artist yet! I may never become one but enjoying the process of what I'm doing is enough for me. One thing I've learnt is to check my inventory before shopping because I am always surprised how much stuff I already have. Sometimes I come back from shopping to realize I bought items very similar to what I have at home. At least my taste seems to be consistent. I also think the more I see and experiment the nicer my decorations become.

So I have collection of different pumpkins that are an absolute must for the fall atmosphere. This was ridiculous for me that I needed to buy stalks of wheat! Back in my Polish village I'd just collect them during a walk.

To get a feeling of my village, I took a walk on our property to discover how the fall looks like there and what is growing at this time of the year. The leaves start to change color and I definitely found something to bring home as a part of my autumn decoration. Rich looking grasses and these little black berries... as usually not sure what they are. This also reminds me again that God creates nature wonderfully.

Blueish flowers and orange pumpkin tablecloth is an easy start up to the season. I felt though that this arrangement needed some colors to brighten up.

That was quite simple and easy and I'm happy with this beautiful result.

There's this battle that I have in my head since few years... do I buy fresh flowers or will the artificial be enough. The fake ones do look beautiful, but my head is not satisfied! The same dilemma is applicable for the vegetable, I used to buy small colorful pumpkin and different type of squashes just for decoration.

So shopping revealed that I can do a compromise which I wouldn't expect! Now they sell real greenery decoration that has been dried and that's what I bought mostly because of its beautiful smell. It's not clear to me if it's natural or artificial. Either way smells like fall!

This is a very good idea to put it on the list for next year's garden project; to plant some greenery that can be later dried to be used as part of the décor.

The longer I live in our old house the more clutter is being created. The living room wall got these new shelving recently so that's where we'll do the fall presentation.

The sign, I'm not exactly fond of brown but it does look nice here with the yellow and the little bit of garland that recently I became a fan of. With that I purchased a new vase as I actually don't have many. This one seemed to be different what I'm used to because it's made of wood. This natural color should match pretty much with anything for future use. I filled it with old and new pieces to create this dried arrangement. I wasn't sure how to include the pumpkins... they ended up in my husband's wooden beer holder.

All look clean, modern yet still traditional.

I start to like fall because due to the weather we're forced to stay home, relax and take care of ourselves and the ones whom we share the home with. Does your home look like fall yet?

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