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Nautica themed closet

Summer is present in my closet too! With this summer season mood I evaluate what I like to wear... We don't always want to follow fashion but if navy is in style that's what you will find in stores. There are certain themes and colors that are in fashion all the time and it's always a safe purchase. That's Nautica for sure!

Obviously you will feel more beautiful if you wear them on vacation or if you happen to live by a beach... in those cases it can be your everyday outfit. What makes the list to be part of the Nautica theme? All shades of blue and sailor's stripes are probably the most recognizable. Then, ocean objects like boats and anchors. Accessories! Hats, robes, sandals... and beach bags.

That's how I see it...

Blue and white stripes

This is one of my favorites skirts and I don't only wear it by the pool. It's the pencil cut so it's slightly longer, feels comfy and casual and has pockets. The stripes add a playfulness to it.

It goes well with different shirts but I usually wear it with a navy one. I like to add bright colors to this outfit, either jewelry or shoes like on the picture.

Anchor print

On a navy, sleeveless shirt, is a white and blue checkered anchor with the red border.

Bright red shorts go very well with the navy shirt, this type of color combination works well even without the Nautica theme. To complete the outfit I put a beach must - a white hat with navy silk ribbon.

Rope details

These are blue shorts and the rope really makes them cute. The rope is finished at the ends with metallic circles.

The navy and white long sleeves shirt that goes well with short shorts and in addition it has Swede brown elbow pads which match the sandals perfectly.

Boat motif

Added in different variations, boats are super popular on the summery clothing. Here is a simple white cotton dress with a sailboat print. Stripes over the shoulders, neck and a belt give it a more elegant look.

Dresses usually don't need much to complete the outfit... but I though about something.

Wiesia says the biggest advantage of home made items is that they are unique. For you at least, assuming you designed them yourself. I did this with my beach bag as I thought I needed a new one to freshen up my summer collection.

Beach time is a happy time so I picked colorful material and she made it beautiful! I was careful though because sometimes I pick things that are great colors but they don't match with anything in my closet. The beach appropriate pattern here can cheer up my navy shirts or solid colored shorts. It looks very nice with rather plain dresses too. To tone it down a little bit we added navy bottom and finished it with a navy stripe at the top. The inside material is matching light blue and has a small pocket. To make it look really Nautica we use thick robe for the shoulder straps.

Summer is a season to rest and gain energy for the upcoming long fall and winter. It feels nice to put on light clothes and shoes... if needed. You still need practical accessories and the new one is always something special. At least for me. Did you update your closet this year?



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