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Planning the new home

Designing your own house is super exciting but probably even more than that... difficult. Especially for someone not very decisive and struggling with envisioning how the things will look like. How from a little sample I can imagine the whole look of the house or even a single wall or floor. Hours of online and in stores shopping, still not sure of the final result.

The house is going to be a modern farmhouse, mainly with white, blue, grey and wood. I'm trying to have the house unified but at the same time every room should have a little bit of uniqueness to it. I'll probably do it by adding some other colors. General look is what's important but all the details little and big make the space special.


My start point were the cabinets, specifically the ones for the kitchen because that's an easy decision, they'll be white.

I have always liked this color but also, I like contrast, currently I have brown cabinets and white countertop. Over the years I learnt that it's not only about pretty look, as much as I don't want to admit it, but I must also think about practicality. This white countertop that wasn't supposed to stained, does get dirty, and I don't like to clean it. For the new kitchen, then I'll have white cabinets contrasting with the grey countertop.

Some of our furniture that will be moving with us are brown so to match them with the kitchen white cabinets I'll have just a little bit of brown on the outside island wall. It'll be easier to keep it clean hopefully too.


Picking the floor for the main area, living room, bedrooms, dining room and partly kitchen was actually easy.

This is a warm brown color. Around the island I got grey tiles because I splash water when I cook and clean. I think this will be a cute combination. The challenge came with bathroom and shower floors. Grey but which exactly, size and finish were more complicated.

I also found out how certain tiles are not suitable for certain areas. So natural stone is not good for the shower floors, because it's difficult to clean it, so instead small tiles resembling the stone, or the shape of hexagons are in style now.

I know you should go gentle when designing interiors, so you won't get overwhelmed or bored of it but... My laundry, mud and powder room got a little bold in terms of patterns.

The rest of the rooms should be calmer.


It's interesting how the interior of the house evolves. Backsplash used to be just tiles and now they have huge panels that can cover the whole area, which for sure are easier to maintain too, so I'm planning to go for it. The bathrooms are another thing.

Although trends do change sometimes, I like the classic like the white subway tiles, with modern grout. For my accent walls I got some nice ideas as well.

I'm not usually in favor of colorfully painted walls, but I'm thinking of getting creative about that.


I knew there are accent pieces in a living room but these days there are also ones in the kitchen, which will be the stove. I like the idea so most likely the stove is going to be navy, sticking out between the white cabinets.

My other accent piece I'm planning in the laundry room, that's going to be a doggy bath (not for a dog but us). It'll be colorful, white, black, grey and yellow. I didn't figure out all the arrangement yet.

For most of the closets we'll have barn doors, which all will be painted different color depending on the room.

Possibilities of colors are endless.

I'm just starting the planning, maybe I will have to wait till the rooms are ready so I can visualize everything better. In a few weeks when the final decisions must be made, I'll be curious how much I'll stick to my plan... One is for sure this home must be beautiful, God please help me.

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