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Scriptures for the soul

In order to be beautiful you need to see, hear and experience beauty. For the soul I think you should surround yourself with beautiful words. What can be better than the Words that come from God alone. The Bible.

I personally have a few copies of the Bible, in Polish and English. Since languages are difficult for me, I don't think I have a desire to study the Bible in its original languages, at least not yet. I'd like, however, to join a Bible study group so that I can learn the historical and geographical context to get the better understanding of it.

Just having the copies is not enough...

There's this passage in the Bible that says how can they believe if they didn't hear but how can they hear if they aren't taught. I'll add how can they believe if they don't read. I can only say this now, after reading the Scriptures every day for quite a few years. I read the daily readings recommended by Catholic Church with a short explanation. They have plenty of helpful resources for this. The one I choose for myself is in Polish and it doesn't exactly explain the Scriptures per say but it shows me how to apply the Word to each day. I now wake up with the expectation for God to tell me something specific for that day. I can't say this always happens, but I do have mornings that I get an answer or clarity for a past question or concern.

It wasn't always like this... It's rather an embarrassing and humiliating experience that brought me to where I am today. At a retreat that I took part in, I was asked to be a translator for a speaker. He spoke in English, and I was to translate his words into Polish. While giving his talk, he asked me "find Mt 5". I got the Bible in my hands, I started flipping through the pages not sure where to go... I looked at him thinking "How am I supposed to know where it is. I don't read Bible".

I can't say that this experience alone made me to start reading the Bible regularly but slowly I got to read it more and more. The worn-out condition of my favorite copy shows it. Not that I deliberately destroy it but because I use it a lot and it travels with me too.

Learning to read Bible is not always easy.

Firstly, a lot depends on what you were taught as a child or if at all... I try to read simple versions of Bible stories to my children so they can be familiar with it since the early age.

Jesus Himself was found in the temple reading the Scriptures when he was twelve. He used the Words themselves often to teach the ones who studied the Scriptures.

Secondly, what experience you have as an adult with the Bible will also determine if it's something that you'll be doing on a regular basis. Finding friends who read Scriptures and experience God through it, will help also.

Bible readers get their favorite quotes and because they speak so directly and deeply to your heart we treasure them a lot. My very first and favorite Words I received many years ago are from Ps 91:11.

He has given His angels orders about you to guard you wherever you go. 

The translation in the picture above is slightly different from the way I learned it, but I like to remember it this other way. These Words stayed with me probably because they are very accurate for the life I live. I moved a lot and like to travel so knowing that someone is watching over me is very helpful and provides safety.

I also use the Scriptures to guide me when I need to make an important decision. One of the last memorable Words that I received when praying about my blog was Is 43:4-5

Because you are precious in my eyes, you gained the value, and because I love you… 
Don't be afraid because I'm with you...

This quote gave me confidence and encouragement that God finds value in my life experiences so that I can share it with others. He is going to be with me through creating and writing as well.

The Bible is after all the book that reveals best to us who God is and hearing the good news will influence our soul, which naturally becomes beautiful.

I'm wishing you many personal encounters with God through the Scriptures!

If you're not sure where to start, this is a nice one: Psalm 139:13-14.

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