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soul on the pilgrimage

While I travel over the summer, I shall think about my soul. Life is a journey... we're often told so where is my soul heading? What's the destination and does the journey even matter? As a spiritual person, I must say, both are important. What sense would a journey make if there was nothing after it. And if we give up on the way or go not very beautifully will we reach the target?

Jesus said: "I'm the way". His way leads to the Father and the eternal life. That's what I believe in and strong faith is described as one unity with Christ. It's easily said and difficult to live but I do hope that my journey will finish in heaven.

How do we manage this journey?

We don't like struggles and challenges but rather prefer achievements and rewards. Something that comes quickly and with little effort.

We would like our journey to be as fast as an airplane, I thought while flying a few days ago. Does it work like this though?

I answered "no" when walking around old St. James church. The aging process reminds us that there's time frame to our journey, it has a beginning when we come to this world and the end when we step down. There's a lot that we have no influence at all, but more that's up to us. We must, therefore, behave wisely as the time passes, so yesterday's troubles become tomorrow's successes. We must take responsibility of our actions so we can celebrate our accomplishments.

Life consists of many small decisions to take another step... forward because we also go backward, get lost, make mistakes and come back again. So does the soul learns. Tough paths are more beneficial, humiliating yet more satisfying.

Pilgrimage is slow, requires a lot of patience, self-discipline and ability to cope with unexpected problems. There're ordinary grey days but often burning sun, pouring rain or snow, strong wind. If we're not prepared, we won't make it.

Real beauty takes time yet there's something undescribed in an old church, mature tree or the tradition of walking the Santiago de Compostela (the Way of St. James).

This is the very well known pilgrimage in Europe but walked by the people all over the world. It happens also that one of the routes that is located near my vacation place. It catches new interest recently...

Historically the pilgrimage will start from home. It's quite an interesting idea of spending vacation. There are many routes through different countries that eventually lead to the end of the journey at the tomb of St. James in Spain.

Organizations that encourage walking the Way of St. James promote and improve the routes for the safety of the participants and comfort of their rest. They take the Way for various reasons but must think about its spiritual aspect and meaning of that long walk.

Sometimes the journey goes a little further by the sea and pilgrims were bringing a shell as a confirmation of the walk done. Now, the shell with St. James cross on, became the symbol for the pilgrims.

When I visit one of the stop places in Poland, I'm dreaming of walking the Way one day, curious about this tempting experience.

May God grant all the pilgrims spiritual fulfilment as they walk the route... May they be strengthen physically, emotionally, and their souls grow beautifully!

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