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start to the beautiful soul

Shouldn't we do everything possible to start our lives with a beautiful soul? The recent Baptism of my baby daughter motivated me to write about this Sacrament from the Catholic Church. As we read in the Bible, Jesus got baptized and gave us this example and instructions to follow.

Since Baptism is an initiation Sacrament, it makes us free from the darkness and gives absolution of original sin. Through it we become clean and new members of the Church. We start a path with God and receive the Holy Spirit's Gifts.

There are a few important points that the Catholic Church teaches about Baptism:

  • Faith. No one can be baptized without faith. It is necessary for this Sacrament from the person who is being baptized or the parents, godparents and the whole Church that is present during the ceremony (since the baby cannot profess their faith).

  • Water is the most known attribute in which the person is either triple immersed or poured on them three times.

  • Spoken words (usually) by the priest. With each immersion or pour of water the priest says, "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit". In special circumstances anyone can administrate the Sacrament.

  • Oil that is anointed on the person's head, an indication that the Sacrament is irreversible.

  • Candle that is lighten during the ceremony reminds us of Jesus being our light.

  • Garment that the person receives is a symbol of cleanness and new life.

These are the memorabilia from the Baptism that will remind us of this special day.

I was baptized as a baby and I'm very grateful my parents did this and now I continue their example. The faith is being passed to the next generation.

I don't have a good picture, but the small green branches in this picture are decorations used during my Baptism.

I'm not an educated theologist but if I was to give an explanation of what is Baptism, I'd say it's us answering YES to live our lives with God. My daughter can't embrace it yet but given the responsibility to be her parent, I said this YES on her behalf so her soul can be beautiful!

People argue that children shouldn't be baptized until they grow up and can make a conscious decision about this themselves. I disagree with that. I want to give my children what I believe is best and that's life in the faith. Either your life is beautiful or you're still going there it's easier to have Jesus on your side. Science says that small children learn very fast when they are little. That's why we teach them things like languages, instruments or sports. Why don't we apply this rule to faith? Why won't we give the children a beautiful start by baptizing them early and bringing them to the church, where surrounded by other believers they can grow beautifully in faith.

I like to learn myself however I'm starting to rethink if I am using my parental skills correctly to also teach my children and others too. If they grow up nourishing a beautiful soul they should be set for life. Jesus Himself invites all to fellowship with Him.

Father Libor who performed the Sacrament, was inviting the children present in the Church to witness closely the Baptism. In his humble teaching style, he was explaining the meaning behind the things and actions... he was helping the children (and some of the adults) to understand the process, symbolism and faith.

Father Libor is the Pastor at Ss. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church, he teaches at the Sacred Heart Seminary and knows many (seven if I recall correctly) languages.

If you were baptized say thank you to those who ensured that, if not, consider it...


Fr. Libor Marek

a beautiful Pastor, who teaches faith by preaching, writing, performing Sacraments and most importantly living it.

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