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starting fruit garden

As soon as I see the first signs of spring I must think about my garden. The grass gets green, the trees open their buds and the shrubs start to bloom. It's incredible how the tiny leaves will eventually produce beautiful fruits! I got excited about this idea and I'm going to try it now.

My first recollection of me liking to write and actually being good at it, was in my elementary school, when I wrote an essay about making friends with an apple tree. I watched that tree just out of the window, when I was doing my homework. It was spring and the tree was blooming looking very beautiful. The only thing I remember really about this essay was that we, the apple tree and I, were dancing. It's important to practice the imagination, right? Apple tree maybe too much as my first effort of growing the fruit but it's absolutely on a list for the new garden.

The pictures are taken at my friends' big fruit garden and became a wonderful inspiration of what my garden will look like in the future. They have all sort of fruits: apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, raspberries and blueberries. There are many years of hard work behind it but the results are impressive.

I grew up on a farm and as I child I got different feelings either it was a good thing or bad... From an adult perspective, I think, it was a very good thing. Therefore, my attempt will be to recreate that atmosphere for my children as well. I mean a light version of it, of course. I don't think I have the strength to work hard, as my family used to. Neither the idea of milking a cow sounds attractive, not to mention it may not be legal in the city where we'll build our farmhouse, using that word may be as close to the farm as we will go. Regardless of my ideas versus what will actually happen, I'm eager to start something new this year. My first fruit growing is going to be very small. To give the exact understanding of it, the fruits are going to be planted in pots so that, next year I can easily transfer them to the new big garden. I picked the pots that are beautiful but I don't know if that's the best choice yet.


My favorite fruit and that's related to my childhood memories, are the raspberries. I remember going in between the bushes and picking them up. This was hard because I had a cup to fill it with the beautiful red fruit but most of them were ending up in my stomach rather than the cup.

I got a big seedling of the raspberry from my friends. I planted it and I'm staring at the small green leaves with expectations that I'll get the fruit in a couple of months or years...


The cute thing I remember about them was this funny face because even though delicious in taste... they were usually consumed, obviously right away from the bush, which meant with the soil.

They already had some flowers and small, tiny fruit on the plant. The leaves are this green vibrant color, which gives me hope for success.


That's my American fruit, they were not grown on my family farm but since they are very popular here, I got motivated to try them as well.

The instructions said to soak the roots in the water and that's what I did. I was surprised how small and gentle the blueberry seedlings are.

This is how my fruit garden looks like and it was a pleasant experience. God, please bless it! May the harvest be as beautiful as the planting.

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