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table decorated with flowers

It's easy to understand beauty when you look at flowers. The variety of colors, different petals in shapes and textures, all shades of green for the leaves and beautiful fragrances. Yet, there's something else, that makes them special... their short longevity. You wait long for blooming but must enjoy them fast because they wither quickly.

They are ideal for decorating so I chose them as a theme for my summer party and because they are wild it's going to be a little rustic set up. The older I get, the more I admire and appreciate God's creations.

Before the proper decorations though...

Organizing a party requires some work and the first step, which is cleaning, I don't like much. The dirt and the dust needed to be brushed off, so the grey furniture and concrete will look nice and the colors will be the highlights of the afternoon.

After that part, I started more enjoyable preparations.

Fresh flowers

I'm super excited because they are picked from my new property, and even though wild, they are very beautiful.

I'm going to use them for floral arrangements as the centerpieces for my tables.

Printed flowers

It's not the same but the fresh flowers are often the inspiration for fabrics.

Bright colors on the tablecloths and napkins are the accent pieces at this party. Even though, that's not the same but they last very long and can be easily repeated.

Paper flowers

Another idea from fresh flowers that came possible with just tissue papers.

They not only add nice colors to the decorations but also rich volume.

The flowers will be accompanied by natural colors and materials. They bring charm and the desired rustic set up.

There's wicker since I have a collection of small and big baskets that are great for visual and practical purposes. The jute placemats will be good base for serving food.

Then glass, I collect interesting bottles from different grocery items so it's about time to use them. I like how the glass shines in the sun, yet since they are colorless, the flowers will remain in the focus.

I got distracted with the decorating but I shall present my food as well. I didn't figure out, which flowers are edible or how to make flowery foods, so I must stay with the usual. Yet, I'm rather of the opinion that it's all about the atmosphere rather than what's on your plate or in your glass...

There are, however, colorful cups and umbrellas for the drinks that are surely a must on the hot days. I also learnt to prepare the drink table, as it's a good place for new friendships to form.

The appetizers, which is a delicious start of my party, became one of my favorite foods to make. They are cute, small and liked for their looks and tastes.

I made one spread with smoked mackerel, cream cheese, almonds and parley. Second one was with roasted red bell peppers, feta, walnuts and rosemary. I serve them with crackers and chips or vegetables.

Since my guests have different preferences for what should go into their salads, I prepared many options to pick from.

My salad bar consisted of:

  • tomatoes

  • cucumbers

  • carrots

  • radishes

  • fennel

  • corn

  • olives

  • pickles

  • pepperoncini

  • cranberries

  • almonds

  • chickpeas.

I also made couscous salad that is dressed with my fresh herbs.

Credits for meats from the barbecue go to my husband.

I'm always blessed with my guests generosity as they bring more foods and especially desserts, which I'm the happiest about, because I'm not very good at making them.

After the party I felt overwhelmed with joy and beautiful memories that the night created. Thank you for all my guests because they are the reasons why I host my events! Their presence and smiles I hold deep in my heart.

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