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The construction of the new home has started

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I really like planning and devising ideas but seeing them being executed is more exciting and so rewarding! The build of the new home started. The work is being done and the walls are already up. Just for the basement for now but still I'm happy and proud to see the first progress.

These are the food cellar door, because we dream... to have a big garden with all the vegetables and orchard with all the fruit trees and bushes.

For the past few months every drive to the property has been full of anticipation, is there any progress we are going to see? There are problems and hardships along the way, but we move forward.

The very first thing that appeared on the property was a temporary driveway, which is not exactly something that was built but the work must start somewhere.

It also gave us a sense of a tiny accomplishment or rather just the start finally! Funny though, this was a few months ago and now there is not much left of this driveway anymore because it's mostly covered with piles of dirt. The house itself is going to be on a small elevation so dirt is needed.

The first step was to dig the hole for the basement. I'd never think to call the construction machines beautiful, but...

We watched the excavator breaking the ground. The picture illustrates the first scoops of the soil, which with some more work formed the shape of the house.

This gave us the idea of the house location on the property and its size.

Having a bad sense of directions and dimensions I struggle to imagine, is this house too big? Or too small? Where does the kitchen start?

Secondly, the footings were put in place, together with the pads for the support poles.

This step showed more precisely the layout of the house and how the external walls will look like.

Thirdly, the forms were prepared for the concrete to be poured.

It helped even more to understand and visualize the contour of the house.

Admiring the machines again and their work for my house.

Fourth step, the basement walls are existing!

These walls will be eventually called my home and it was a lot of fun to play already inside. The work on the garage is ongoing and we're waiting for the lumber to be delivered in order to frame the house.

With all the construction I didn't forget my desires for decorating the home and... meeting with my readers again. Especially, that the first event brings good memories.

Hence, I found a great spot to host my second in-person event. The first thing that stroke me about this place was its ambiance, gentle, calming and of course beautiful. It's a consignment store so we'll be surrounded by gorgeous sofas, chairs, lamps, paintings and all home decor, including candles and napkins. The place is called Consign Couture and it's located in Clinton Township, Michigan. You all are very invited to join!

The owner of the place is lovely so I can't wait to meet with her to learn more about home furnishing and decorating. Also, it's going to be before Christmas, so it adds additional charm to the event. I hope to see you there!

With the house build being in the basement stage it's too early to plan any home decor but I enjoy seeing inspirations for what my future home decor could be.

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