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The "eight" post

I like doing my every three months reflections so I can see where I am at. I was recently reminded that slow growth is a good thing. I'm in a beauty realm, I'll change the word because instead I want to bloom!

I took this picture of my mom's roses in Poland and I keep coming back to it, thinking how I bloomed.


My posts

They are less frequent, mostly because I do so many other things. I'm coming to the conclusion that starting a new thing is just in my nature and I can't help it. Another important reason though is that writing a post is unfortunately a little stressful and I don't like it. I want to work with joy and ease instead. It seems easier with more time.

My audience

Creation, however, is useless if there's no one to enjoy it so building an audience of beautiful women is an important task on my to do list. Building relationships, one at the time. Then, more importantly keeping and growing them. Surprisingly, it happens!

In-person - IF events

The initial idea was to promote the blog but actually what has become more important is to create a space for woman to share beauty, whatever that may be... As a creature of God's hands, we have plenty of gifts and talents that will thrive when revealed and combined together.

I learnt hospitality from my parents, remembering their home as a place where everyone is welcomed and have a good time. I have been hosting parties since years improving many things, either is my appetizers or music or entertaining skills but professional events that's something slightly different.

I need to find a place suitable for one of my categories, so for GARDEN we have been in the greenhouse and for HOME in a consignment store, I'm looking for the right space for TABLE, CLOSET and SOUL. Then, I need an owner of the place to agree on my event concept. I'm preparing the details so it's enjoyable, interesting and beneficial for everyone. Lastly, I give my heart to the event itself. I receive very positive feedback after so I call it a success!

Online - Instagram

I started the Instagram and I still have mixed feelings about it. There's never a time that I'll say online is better than a real face to face meeting but...

I can meet with people who are here, but not the ones that live on the other continents. Knowing there's someone on the other part of the globe getting inspirations and ideas from what I create, is truly inspiring and only possible through social media. It's also working the other way, I'm admiring and learning from others who have been creating and making things in this online word.


I want to bloom. Maybe I don't even know what it means yet, but I'd like to learn more about myself and how to express the surrounding world in a beautiful way. Also, learn more about those who enter my life so together the creation can be greater.

I'm spending the last days of the year at a conference in Grand Rapids, MI.

What I believe Jesus told me is: "I'll walk you where you need to walk, and I'll bless what needs to be blessed". Here is my hand Lord... let's walk into 2023.

Have a beautiful New Year!

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