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the "fifth" post

I wish myself a Happy 1st Birthday! IF has been blogging for a year and I call it a success in terms that I have continued to publish regularly and now there's 50 beautifully created posts. Beautiful by my definition, of course. There must be a celebration for that occasion... and today I smile big!

All items are nicely matching my theme as the logo is still shining beautifully. The cake is made by me, I'm humbling myself in the process of constantly learning and improving.

As I acknowledge my achievements and honor myself for all my hard work, I think a year is a long time... I ponder these past 50 weeks of my blogging. How was it? What have I learnt? Is the first sentence that I put together when starting with my website:

if you only try to live your life beautifully

still accurate? I can for sure confirm that I tried to live beautifully and discovered a big enjoyment in thinking of my ideas and planning its execution. Maybe it's a little bit of my trained Project Management attitude or maybe that's my God given talents for creativity. I enjoy seeing, what was created either by me or my guests and how this thing evolved to the whole post on that subject, described not only by words by pictures as well.

I must admit too, that it takes a lot of persistence and patience to publish something new every week. This is my biggest surprise how much time it takes to blog. Maybe I didn't prepare myself correctly for that job. Maybe certain things you won't find out until you try. I did get moments thinking to stop but successful bloggers take years to develop their path. I don't give up easily so I'm going to give it some more time. Important things take time. It's said time is love and I do put love into IF. There are still plenty of ideas I want to write about under the IF brand.

Over the past year I tried to find best way of creating a post, first taking pictures then text or the other way around. Both are good and bad at the same time. If I do pictures first, I have the advantage of feelings and thoughts while taking the pictures and the text is adjusted to the photos, yet the thoughts don't always come easily at the precise moment. When I write first, I can do the exact pictures I intended yet they don't always want to come out right. After all I probably did a mix of both, I'm not sure which method is better. I shall think about taking some writing classes...

Enough of the reflection, today I enjoy my day! As the rewards are always motivating, I spoiled myself on my first birthday and got myself an IF t-shirt. The printing is done by Maciek and Bozenka. Under Eagle Custom Vinyl Creation, they specialize in printing and other customized items that express your personality and beauty. I'm very happy they helped me.

As soon as I saw my print, I smiled thinking this is beautiful indeed! Now I can wear my logo and be a living inspiration for a beautiful lifestyle.

I'm going to try harder with the promotion so I'm starting the Instagram account. Pictures initially were the toughest thing to do but by time they became easier and they look much better so maybe this will be a good idea to follow.

Finally, I'd like to express my gratitude to those who have helped me through this past year.

  • God for leading me all the way.

  • Those, who provide small unconcise ideas for my posts.

  • Those, who inspire me because of their passions.

  • Those, who agree to appear in my posts.

  • Those, who write the posts themselves.

To all of you I send huge THANK YOU. It wouldn't be as beautiful without you.

And the very last one: THANK YOU that you are there to read what IF creates!


Maciek and Bozenka

beautiful couple, who professionally creates personalized items and share their generous hearts with others.

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