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The "forth" post

My blog officially has 9 months' worth of content now. It's interesting that it corresponds with the birth of Baby Jesus. That birth brought hope around the world and hope is what I need now.

Once the snow in the picture melts the ground will allow something new to grow. And it's my hope that new ideas and motivation will continue to come to me for my creative posts.

It's taken a long time to get to this point. Many hours of thinking, creating, taking pictures and writing. Many trips for picture shootings and even more evenings of writing. I enjoy doing it. I feel a sense of pride when publishing every new post. However, there are times when I'm very tired and discouraged. I think the commitment I put myself into is scary...

I have plenty of desires to do things but then I have no time... talents or skills. I come up with an idea or design something in my head but once it's made and photographed it doesn't look beautiful enough! So, I either must accept it or redo it.

I know God says there's nothing impossible for Him but maybe I do need to learn some humility and patience in the process.

Now, it's the end of the year and the time when we like to reflect on the past months. Something is ending and something new is about to start. The word hope fits perfectly for the new year. The hope that I'll find strength to continue this work. For you, but more importantly for myself.

This picture is quite few years old. I have no idea what I was thinking of when it was taken but I see hope in my eyes. I'm not sure also about my feelings, either I was smiling or being sad. Reflecting on where I was then to where I am now, my life has turned out to be happy so I'm very grateful for the hope I believe God instilled in me. Maybe it's because it's been a lot of good experiences in my life that nurture this hope. Maybe it's the abundance of people that support me or more importantly share my hopes and dreams.

I'm taking an action to start a Pinterest account. I have always liked that platform for seeing other ideas people have and how they do things. I got inspired into creation many times, using their little or big help. It's also a great way for encouragement.

I picked the most suitable pictures from my 2021 posts that include my own creations or those who have done things for me. They'll be saved in my categories:

  • Home - there'll be seasonal decorations and arrangements

  • Closet - presentation of my favorite pieces of clothes and different accessories

  • Table - ideas for the set up and foods

  • Garden - attempts of growing vegetables, fruit, flowers.

I'm excited to be a part of Pinterest now and curious how it will work out. I hope there will be new interest to read IF...

Please wish me success!

Hope is that thought in your head that tells you that everything is going to be good regardless how it looks or feels right now. Even though I like to think I'm a positive person I am also a perfectionist, and this fosters negativity to emerge in the form of fear of being not liked and rejected. But as a daughter of God the Father, I know that He delights in me and my work. He is and will remain my biggest fan!

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