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The "ninth" post

Happy 2nd Birthday IF! It's been two years of my blogging journey. Long... I feel, so I shall celebrate. So many beautiful memories that come to my mind the past year and I'm grateful for all the blessings!

It's not hard to start something, but to do it all over again continuously, that's the challenge. So, we get older but with that comes the wisdom... the way we think about the world and ourselves changes, the way we manage our lives is different. As we mature, hopefully we become more beautiful, and this impacts others.

I don't know what I was expecting so I'm not sure, if I'm meeting my own expectations. One thing is sure I keep working on creating the content, filled with beauty, at least that is my intentions.

There are 70 published posts! My joy and pride in each of them, but every category has its own struggles:

  • HOME - I'm in between the old house that I don't have much motivation to decorate anymore but the new one is nowhere close to be done yet.

  • CLOSET - presenting clothes isn't easy and me being a model doesn't always work.

  • TABLE - cooking multiple dishes takes a long time and arranging them on the table is complicated.

  • GARDEN - I lack knowledge about all the plants, vegetables and flowers that I want to grow, which leads to many mistakes.

  • SOUL - thinking of ideas for pictures and taking them is difficult. Soul can't be photographed.

2 IF events had happened. Both were full of beautiful things at the places that we met, with people and conversations that we shared...but I'm still looking for more!

There are many new ideas to be realized. I hope I'll find many needed resources to make them come true and keep IF growing!

Why do I continue doing this? I ask myself. The answer is because I keep finding motivations...

The dreams

There are many dreams that we give up on. There are others that keep coming back. When the 2 years mark was approaching, I got reminded about this desire that arose in my mind many years ago. I participated in many retreats back then in Poland. Spiritual growth is important to me. After I moved to Germany, I couldn't stop so I find a retreat to go to. I was amazed by the beautiful place and its surroundings that hosts us. Single room with my own bathroom, delicious food and great gathering area. I thought that humble staying conditions are part of a retreat. Then, I dreamt, I want myself to create a beautiful retreat center for women, where from the first view of the entrance gate they will feel the taste of heaven. There's a very long way to go, in order to make it happen. Maybe the way, it's the only thing, what I'll achieve but that's up to God. He's responsible for the impossible.

The people

Often strangers at first, who I approach asking if they will be a part of my post or let me host the IF event at their place. Meeting inspiring people is such a pleasant part of that work and I'm happy I can do it.

The words

I'm getting the encouraging feedback from the readers and event participants. They are random and unexpected yet so appreciated, because they help me to keep going.

The personality

Of mine, that is curious and asks... what "if" I try something else. The positivism in me doesn't let me stop.

As for the future, I never really know if what I plan is aligned with God's will, but the time will surely reveal that. For now, I'd like to continue to post and organize events. Happily, I'm letting you know, that the 3rd in person IF event is scheduled!

Please be invited, come and experience it! It's for the SOUL category, which means God and His works will be present.

On IF 2nd Birthday, this upcoming event is my wish and a little tiny step towards the retreat dream...

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