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the "second" post

It's been 3 months of me blogging and I have 13 published posts. They describe success by thousands and I have over 1000 views. If there was one word to describe this experience for me it would be joy!

This is my blogging list of what gives me joy:

  • coming up with new ideas to write about

  • taking beautiful pictures

  • creating a post, either about HOME, TABLE, CLOSET, GARDEN, SOUL, STATES OR NATIONS

  • inviting beautiful people to be a part of IF

  • getting inspiring and motivating feedback about my writing.

What else can I say? Thank you to all who helped make this work, visit and spread the word. May God bless you in your beautiful life!

As a child we are born with natural joy... and simplest things make us happy.

Then I was told life happens and we lose it... so sad. What can we do to keep the joy? It may be work but it's worthy and important.

  • Ask God to give it to you. Pray for it.

  • Surround yourself with joyful people. My person was sister Malgosia. She'll say that doing what God calls us to do makes us happy. She has this natural smile on her face that I'd like too!

  • Do things that makes you smile. There's so many options for hobbies or activities. Some can be as simple as watching a comedy, others more complicated like taking a trip.

  • Help others. This will take your mind off your worries or problems and make you think positively about yourself.

  • Do sports, as physical activity does something to your brain and causes you to be happy.

  • Listen to good music and sing too. There's some power in music that simply makes you happier.

  • Maintain a good attitude. Bad and difficult things will always happen but it's up to you how you handle them. I understand it's hard to smile in harsh circumstances but do your best. Trying is already motivating.

  • Seek joy. Don't just say I have no reasons to be happy but find something that will increase your joy.

  • Smile! Joy manifests in your body, mostly in your face. Your smile and eyes will reveal it. However even the tone of your voice or the way you carry yourself can show if you're happy.

These may not necessary be all the things you want to be doing but in Nehemiah 8:10 we can read:

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

The joy will strengthen you to keep going with whatever life has ahead of you and help you to tackle each day. It's also contagious, others will make you joyful too but more importantly your joy will influence those who you encounter.

In the spiritual world joy is the Holy Spirit's fruit. I was once at a conference where they prayed for the Holy Spirit to come over us. I had many prayers like this in my life. This time I fell down on the floor and started to laugh. An uncontrolled burst of joy came out of my mouth and it didn't want to stop. Any time I formed a thought of stopping it and getting up I'd start laughing again and again. Very fun way of God giving you joy.

Long time ago during a conversation I said "no, I don't have depression" their answer was "How do you know?" I didn't. Some say that these uncontrolled laughs are Gods ways of healing. So if I received joy from God I have to share it!

Joy is very important for our well being. Don't wait for it to just happen to you. Make some effort to find it, maintain it and give it to others.

Thank you for the last 3 months, where YOU helped to share my joy!


s. Malgosia

a beautiful nun, gifted with a wonderful joy, happy because of her life with Jesus.

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1 Comment

Jun 30, 2021

Radość, Gaudium, Gioia, Joy, Joie, Freude ... Beautiful, congratulations. Joanna.

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