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the "seventh" post

Having experience of traveling for almost two months I must say, nature, traditions, music, architecture, food and entertainment all is great but there's nothing more special than the people. Strangers that I met briefly and my loved ones that I shared longer moments with. They depict a picture of the past weeks, that I hold close to my heart, missing them deeply.

It's again another 3 months of me blogging also from abroad, which gives me a new perspective and motivation for growing IF, yet makes it even more difficult for frequent posting, because of the very busy schedule and technical issues. Nevertheless, when I run a report, to see where my readers are coming from, I'm nicely surprised seeing dots all over the world.

With the fact that IF first event took place, I'd also like to call myself an event organizer.

I was always interested in getting to know people so meeting with my readers was an easy idea. And I have to admit that the reason why the event was successful is the people who participated in it. I wanted the event to have a theme so using the blog categories was helpful to connect with my content. It was hot summer, so the beautiful greenhouse was a perfect spot to create a pleasant ambience. There was a little bit of food and drinks presented in IF colors. We heard an interesting story about Telly's from its owner and learnt more about gardening.

I enjoy organizing and hosting gatherings and receiving compliments and gratitude for the event proves that's the right way to go. People like to participate in beautiful things and I'm happy to enable it. I'm looking forward to meeting other exciting places and their creators, who will share their passions.

Few days after the event I packed for my long journey not sure what to expect...

Quickly I realized that people are what fascinates me the most. Their eyes, tone of the voice, gestures, the ways they express their emotions.

Countless interactions with strangers that soon I'll forget and never see again yet at that very precious moment they meant a lot. A stewardess welcoming me with a smile at the entrance of the airplane wishing me a good flight. A waiter serving refreshing white wine, in the restaurant on the Sicilian mountain. A seamstress taking the measurements of me, in order to fix my dresses. A photographer taking pictures for me, with full focus and attention to my posture.

Precious meeting with the family and friends, whose presence, good conversation till late night, memorable experience together or gift that will remind me about them, strengthened our relationships. The girlfriend sharing her home and family with us, preparing bed, supper and entertaining activities. The sibling helping to get around my country that gets more distant with every passing year. The aunt pouring her love through the full table of delicious, homemade food. The cousin showing the cutest beach in the area, providing food, drinks and sunscreen.

Above all, my parents are the most important people I met during my travels. Their unconditional love made me who I am. Curious, courageous, creative, confident and inspiring... beautiful woman. Thank you Mommy and Daddy!

Back in my American home, in hunt for new ideas for creating content but more importantly for the new events. I hope it'll go easy and we'll be able to meet again soon.

Thank you Lord for all the people You blessed me with! I'm very grateful that IF it's not just posts anymore but events too.

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