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The "sixth" post

Another 3 months, the 6th time I'm doing my analysis and review of the blog situation, including how do I feel about my endeavor. There's this saying "man makes plans, God laughs". After over a year, I must admit I had a different vision for my blog, which didn't come true. I'm thinking God is teaching me some patience. The ideas I had initially were changed to something else. God is inviting me to draw closer, listen better and trust Him more.

Did I not pray enough to align with God's plan for me? As I'm learning to hear from Him, I get the message; not to focus on the results. Maybe then, I need to clearly separate obedience from success by worldly standards. I had expectations that are not being met and it discourages me. There's however a chance, that my expectations were set too high. I feel rejected and this discourages me even more.

15 months is not a very long time to become an extraordinary blogger with no education or experience in this matter. Great things require time to develop. Patience is not a fast thing but rather an ongoing process. Am I convincing myself yet?

While I expected to get more fluent in blogging, I'm not... Every post is constantly a lot of work. I still obviously enjoy it and get amazed at beauty that I discover, while thinking and creating ideas that turn to be the post material. I smile when I see another published post and I take pride in my finished works.

I slowed down with posting because there's now enough content for a new reader to keep busy for a little bit. Hence, I can dedicate more time to learn social media, which helps to promote my blog. I'm trying new things to explore the online world.

I find my Pinterest boards beautiful, but they don't get much attention.

Instagram posts look good too, although they don't catch much interest.

Now, when I'm a part of the online reality, I'm not sure if I like it. It feels distant and not real at times. There's so much information so it gets overwhelming. How do I figure out what to read? There is also content that I don't find beautiful or disagree with.

Even though, I get those negative thoughts, I don't give up! I believe there's this idea that I hold in my heart for a while, and I hope it's a good time to try it now... I decided to organize IF in-person event! There's something special about seeing people face to face and spoken beauty rather than written one. Not only I'll meet my readers, which is exciting to start with but also, I'll spend some beautiful time with other women.

The event is being organized as a collaboration with Tully's Greenhouse. They call themselves the Gardener Paradise and it's a beautiful place indeed. Either you are advanced gardener or amateur, come and enjoy the ambience, satisfy your sight and smell as well. Plenty of plants, flowers, trees, shrubs and other things that you can grow. They have pots, gardening tools, care products and anything you need for your garden. Most importantly though, friendly staff to help you succeed.

We are working on the ideas of what to prepare and we expect to provide a beautiful event for you. We hope the plan will work and there's not much to add besides: please join us!

Thank you in advance for helping IF grow, I'm curious for the responses and can't wait to meet you beautiful!

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