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The "third" post

It's hard for me to believe that I'm blogging for 6 months or half of the year which sounds even longer. At this moment then, there's time to reflect. It has had a bigger impact on me than I could have imagined in many different ways. It stretches my brain, pushes me out of my comfort zone, teaches me interesting things... and brings new friendships to my life!

You meet people through different circumstances yet I'd never thought blogging will be the one that became special to me. Maybe because that's merely my choice...

I'm not even sure how do I get ideas of including specific people in my posts. I just hear about someone having a passion about something that I'm preparing to post, then they come in at the right time and they seem to be matching perfectly my current writing. Maybe that is Mother Mary to whom this blog is dedicated who sends these people my way!

There'll be someone who fits in one of my categories, makes beautiful decorations for HOME, sews beautiful clothing for CLOSET, grows something beautiful in GARDEN, prepares beautiful food on TABLE, practices beautiful prayers for SOUL, finds beautiful things to see in their NATIONS and finally lives in a beautiful places of the STATES of the United States.

There's however a little challenge to approach someone and ask them if I can write about them... what's happens if they so "no"? Rejection is not a pleasant feeling. Luckily they usually say "yes".

I don't even know how conscious this is but we start forming first friendships early in life. I'm the very youngest one in the picture, encouraged by my parents to get to know the girls from the neighborhood. I travelled a lot for chess and moved around so I met many friends in my life. I lost touch with many of them as well. Someone told me once that God gives us people in life for a certain time and reason. Good friends are usually few.

Yellow flowers became a symbol of friendship. I find them beautiful. Yellow is a happy color.

Friendship is this special bond between people. There's something that connects you with the other person. It's this something about them that makes you interested in them. It may be their personality either very similar to yours or very different one. It may be their hobbies, beliefs and likes that attracts you to them. Something that makes you want to talk to them when something happens in your life. Something that makes you want to be in their company.

Even though I value my long lasting friendships I have this desire to meet new people and hear their life stories. The place that I have been going since years is InterNations.

It's a global community where foreigners meet to share their passions, professions and hobbies. They do both in person meetings and online. It's fascinating to see that someone from very far away thinks the same, likes the same thing you do, enjoys the same beauty.

When I see my blog reports with viewers all over the world... I get truly motivated to keep going. I find new inspirations in searching for new topics to write about, take photos to capture new beauty and amaze myself and hopefully you! Life is beautiful, thank you God for letting me to experience it through my blogging journey. `

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