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Travel closet

More than any other season, summer is the time to travel, and all these adventures need special clothing. Trips are not really about fancy or far away places but the experience that you make, wherever you go.

All my pictures are taken by Arleta from Arlashots. She did an awesome job showing not only my clothes but the place even more. Little Polish village is a beautiful spot to visit. For me specifically, because it brings my childhood memories.

I came to a conclusion that my travelling is not only about the places but the time actually, too. This is probably because the pictures are from the last year, so seeing them made me aware, that we often dream of the trips we will do, but we remember, where we have gone as well.

I like to dress up and I my clothes are a part of who I am. It takes me a long time to pick something out, including the matching accessories. There are a few things that I consider when creating an outfit.


This is obvious that the apparel won't work if the clothes aren't simply beautiful and as for my opinion there're some ugly designed and made pieces of clothing.

My dress is of white color but has an embroidered pattern and light yet romantic cut.

About this time thing, there's something else... This shouting was taken at an old train station, which was the first one I knew. For years, I used to take a train to go to my high school. Little did I know back then, that I'll become a traveler indeed. "Big dream" is not a cute saying, it can truly happen, and my life is a real confirmation of it.

Details are often what matters the most, so the bag with such a lovely fern pattern completes the look.


In order to create an outstanding outfit, you need to think and know what will go well together. Even though, this is all relevant and everyone is allowed to have their own style, there are certain norms.

There's a color combination that I think it's very important for the whole attire, including the purse and shoes.

I like the clothes, which patterns are inspired by the nature, recently, especially flowers. This could be because I like spending time outside and that's what the summer enjoyment should be.

Touching and smelling the nature helps you relax, which is usually why we travel.


Travelling and dressing up should be fun and I'm doing it for my own entertainment too.

For many of the trips the clothes must be comfortable to wear. The older I get the more I appreciate it. T-shirt, snickers and a backpack became my favorite.

And sunglasses too. They are a part of the accessories and fun.


It's not only about putting an outfit together but also about knowing, what suits you best and makes you feel happy.

This apparel feels comfortable for me. The busy blouse is well coordinated with the plain pants.

You never know, what is behind the curve of your next trip. You always hope something good, but that's not always the case. Suitcases are important part of the travelling as you take with you all the belongings and clothes you need. With my last flight I lost my suitcase. I'm so sad because some of the clothes that I'm wearing on the pictures, I don't even have any more! I guess I'm learning, the hard way, not to get attached to things too much.

My next travel, that I'm planning won't be that far. I don't even know if it can be called a trip, because that's actually my next IF event! It's very suitable for the summer and since it's for the TABLE category, we are working on providing relaxing atmosphere, where you can sit back and rest.

The Blueberry Farm is located outside of the cities, in a quiet neighborhood. It's specious and full of nature buzzes. We'll be picking organic blueberries and tasting delicious food at beautifully decorated tables, as always, in a lovely company. Please come and enjoy the time with us!



a beautiful photographer, professional, wise and calm in doing her work.

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