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using pmp skills to plan the new home

Just the idea of building a new, very own home is already very exciting. I also remember the smile rising on my face while this idea was coming alive initially just on a sheet of paper.

That's the first draft of my new beautiful home!

I'd like to say it's all about beauty but it's unfortunately not... planning a build of a new house takes more than this. Luckily, because I worked as a project manager and hold a certification of Project Management Professional, PMP, I know about this.

Project Management Institute (PMI) recognizes 10 knowledge areas if it comes to doing projects and I'll have a look at them to evaluate our process of building the house.

1. Project Integration Management

It starts with keeping it all together. There are separate areas so that the management of the project is easier but it's all about the one thing - the home!

2. Project Scope Management

Knowing what the scope of a project is and what is not, makes the things very helpful. I'm still insisting that the green house is the former not latter. Keeping to the scope is actually quite difficult. Yes, we have the blueprint and ideas of what the house will be built of... but the trends and solutions emerge all the time so how I can not ask for the updates?!

3. Project Schedule Management

According to my builder it should take about 18 months once we start. Which depending on what's the definition of start is, didn't happen yet. The lot is waiting, the blueprints are ready so hopefully we will break the ground soon.

4. Project Cost Management

To keep it simple, the house is about 3000 sq ft and an average estimate to build a house is $150 per sq ft. That's the planned budged, how far will this be from reality, I wonder...

5. Project Quality Management

I'm about the beauty and my husband is about the practicality of things. Thats shall be a good multiplication of quality. We'll be learning more about it as we go.

6. Project Resource Management

I'm guessing our brains are the biggest resources here! Everything else must be bought or rented. My husband disagrees, proudly pointing out to the tractor he purchased few months ago.

7. Project Communications Management

It's said that communication is the main problem in marriages and project manager spends 90% of his or her time communicating. I like to think we're good at it until we discover that the way I envision my house and what my husband plans, is completely different... That would be the internal communication while, equally crucial in this project will be the communication with the contractors, who seems these days don't like to communicate frequently or at all.

8. Project Risk Management

There are many known risks, like bad weather and unknown ones, like pandemic. How do you prepare? You practice patience.

9. Project Procurement Management

I'll almost argue that this is the most important point in the house management project because we basically must be buying material or services constantly.

10. Project Stakeholder Management

We, my husband and I, are the project manager (that usually should be just one person), sponsor, client and the builder at the same time. The rest of our stakeholders will be the contractors doing the job and the inspectors approving it. Normally, they should be concerned to satisfy us but I'm afraid that's the other way around.

I'd never think few orange sticks could make me so happy. Well, these are a little special because they outline my new home!

The surroundings look beautiful and this give me a good feeling for the future. I'm looking forward to see the real progress in the upcoming months.

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Jun 11, 2022

Very exciting and congratulations. Darek and I built our house too. It was a lesson in patience and humility but we don’t regret it. Good luck.

Jun 11, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Sylwia!

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