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warm accessories from the closet

So it's cold and we need to dress appropriately but this could be fun in a beautiful way. Since I have always been cold, I learnt to like hats, scarves, gloves and socks. And even though my drawer is full, they keep coming with new ideas and designs... so I keep buying new accessories for this cold season. I just want to look beautiful when hiding under the thick scarf.

I don't want to give in this dull mood (I know the scenery doesn't reflect it and taking pictures in the nature as I discover is very enjoyable and pleasant). Colors help me to keep a smile on my face. This pink set is a very old one from Poland. I have been wearing it for years and I don't get bored of it. Probably because of the colors and good memories related to it! I hope I'm not too old for it yet.

I grew up during the times that when fall came my grandmother started to make the warm accessories for us. I especially remember socks and snoods. These were popular at the time and she used to make them because they were easy to knit. I miss them. I know how to knit but haven't done it in such a long time. One day... when I have time!

And I thought the days of people knitting were over but then I received this black hat.

This was a surprise made for me by my friend Marta. She knit it from the soft wool and it has a nice pattern. There's something very special and dear about homemade gifts. Imagine the person who is doing it for you must put not only a lot of work into it but also thoughts as they are in the process of creating it. Marta... as the one from the Bible, is always busy caring and serving others. Beautifully! Thank you my friend.

My cold day accessories collection is big and I'm happy to start wearing it again!


I have variety of them because obviously that's what I need, different types for different occasions. I can never exactly decide if they are to keep my head warm or make me look stylish.

The first one on the very left is my absolute favorite. It's a nice grey that matches a lot of other colors. I include it here but I really wear it all year round. It's rather sporty and imported from Germany. I'm not sure if this is for sentimental reasons because that's where I started to like it or because I really can't find hats like this in the US.

The red one follows the idea of wearing colors when it's not colorful outside.

The fancy hat for Sunday mass and other special outings. Deep grey, made of felt looks good on my slightly pale face (the tan is gone).

And lastly the black one that I wear on the picture above.


I used to have this thing that good looking clothing needed to match or at least be somehow coordinated. Now I'm coming to the conclusion that I need a piece of clothing to act as my accent piece. To do that I need variety of scarves.

The gray scarf has colorful pom-poms, it's playful and makes me forget about the cold; at least a little bit.

Turquoise is not only in my home décor but also on me. This infinity scarf is usually an accent piece to my outfit.

The yellow scarf is one of the new fashion ideas I mentioned. It is almost like two separate scarves sewn together.


I have this common problem that I loose my gloves. Such a convenient way to justify getting myself a new pair. Wool bothers my skin and that's sometimes a big obstacles in finding beautiful gloves. At the moment I am looking for leather ones (not sure about the color yet).

The grey one has this old mitten style that keeps your fingers warm since they are all together. They are also nice and long so they can go over my coat sleeves for an extra cute look.

The joyful one is pink, blue and brown which I normally don't like but here it looks nice. It has this funny mitten flap opening and a button for the mitten to give it an additional fancy look. I'm not sure if this is actually practical.

The yellow ones is with a nice leather border finish and decorative detail.

I have also the black ones for some calm outfit, still charming but with no finger tips.


I consider them to be big helpers on cold days.

The navy and grey go well with dresses because they are cute, long enough and warm.

The beige one don't let me get cold during formal occasions.

The grey ones that I wanted to include are not technically called socks but legs warmers. I really wear them for the look though.

Purple that's really stockings but because they have no toes they can be legs warmers too.

I know it's cold but play with your hats, scarves, gloves and socks to warm up your brain and hopefully your body will follow!



a beautiful friend, who is fashionable yet makes clothing, for herself and others too.

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Unknown member
Nov 16, 2021

Hi, just stopped by to check out your blog and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Great job and keep on posting - Sylwia (from Saturday night)

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