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Getting the most out of the fall garden

Every year I improve my gardening skills... I'd still however call myself an intuitive gardener since I often do things as I feel like it or think is right. I hope though this is Holy Spirit directing me. I used to waste a lot of things that I grow... not this time!

This fall I brought a lot of things inside, and I actually did read up on some herbs and plants. Now, it's already winter outside...

Yet, my hands smell like fresh herbs because I transferred them from my herb cart into the pots and now, I can use them in my cooking but also, I'm preserving my gardening feeling inside the house.

Months ago, in early spring I made a discovery noticing seedlings inside a tomato that I bought in a store...

I planted them first in cups and they grew well so than I moved them to my garden and got tomatoes from them. This experience convinced me into the idea of re-producing things or more precisely re-growing, what will be possible...


When it started to freeze outside, I decided to save as much as I can from my herb cart. These seem easy enough for my gardening skills!

Rosemary, lavender, oregano and parsley were transferred into pots, that are brought inside the house. They are lacking sun, but I hope they'll make it to the spring, when they get back outside.

Some more of oregano, mint, thyme and chives were planted in the garden but I'm not sure if anything will survive the winter. The rest of thyme, mint, dill and basil are drying.

I also collected some basil seeds and after a few weeks of drying I planted them with good output.

New seedlings have sprouted, only about the half of what I planted but still I'm happy that I can manage to regrow something.


This year for the first time I tried growing fruit. I wrote a post about it when I planted them in the spring. Strawberries looked awesome, raspberries and blueberries not so much.

I was advised to transfer the fruit from the pots to the ground for better results next year, which I did.

The raspberries were trimmed, and I left strawberries and blueberries as they were. They are now resting mostly covered by leaves. Hopefully, I'll get some more fruit next year.


This is also a new addition to my gardening or rather landscaping trials and I'm trying to keep it for the next year.

I read that lemon grass is tropical and likes warm, so I took it to the basement. I also wanted to transplant some of the decorative grass that I have and with much struggle I separated a few small stems from the mature grass and planted it in a pot. I'm curious what I'll get out of them by the spring.


Since a while I'm collecting trees that grow wild around our current house. As they grew, I moved them to bigger pots and grouped them, so they actually be a part of next year landscaping.

I have a spruce, linden, plenty of maples and some others that I don't know what they actually are. I also got a first red maple and I'm super careful to keep it grow too.

Now my trees are covered with snow and even though still tiny, they look beautiful.


This summer I expanded my flowers collections and I'm learning how to take care of them. I enjoyed that a lot so for sure I'll continue to grow them.

Best, I succeeded with snapdragon, and I collected the seeds that I'm going to plant next year.

Even though it's still difficult and my achievements aren't great but I'm looking forward to more gardening projects next spring but really late winter, when I'll be starting with planting the seeds. The anticipation is part of the process!

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