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Valentine's home

Valentine's Day is a very beautiful holiday and a pleasure to decorate. You should obviously love all year round but having Valentine's Day decorations exposed in your home is a lovely reminder.

Hearts are the best representation of this day. Where else can I put them than on branches, which I have plenty of. They are a great base for any seasonal decoration.

I was making a shopping list in my head of the supplies I needed to make my Valentine's decorations. Before I went to a store, I checked my recently organized craft space to find out how many items I already had. Since the color for this holiday is red and I like it a lot, this made it even easier.

I picked some of the crafting items:

  • Papers

  • Fabrics

  • Stickers

  • Ribbons

  • Hearts.

This should be more than enough, as I like beautiful yet simple and not overwhelming. Just looking at my collection helped to get my creativity going!

I started with creating hearts...


There's this old technique that I learnt as a child. I'm not sure if it's still in use...

You can make your own paint stamp by carving a potato into whatever shape you like. I used a cookie cutter to help make a perfect potato heart stamp. Then using brown paper and red paint I had some fun!


Making hearts by cutting them seems the easiest way.

I decided to use the paper rather than fabric to keep it simple. Since I still haven't invested in a heart shaped paper cutter, I needed to do it myself with scissors. I again used a cookie cutter as a template, traced out the shape and then carefully cut it. Finally, I used the hole punch to make a hole for a red shiny ribbon so I could hang them like an ornament.

For the stamped hearts I cut them in the way that creates a small brown border. The nice thing about the potato stamps is that every heart is slightly different, depending how much paint was used and how hard I pressed, which makes them very unique. With the red and white twine, they look cute and rustic.


Since I have gotten my hot glue gun, I find it very fast and practical to use it in my projects.

The romantic ribbons and wooden hearts go very well together. Both are very appropriate for the occasion and the light beige gives warmth and charm.


This seems easy but somehow it takes time to get it right... well according to my taste. In the end, it worked out beautifully, which was the plan.

I used the skinny branches to make a bouquet with the Valentine's paper and wooden hearts. Then, the thick branch ended up on a wall with the stamped hearts.

Something else

Through all this, I missed using the word "love" that goes with Valentine's Day. I made sure to include my love sign, that needed some work too. Not only it looked empty but also since it was a leftover decoration from a previous project, it was partly destroyed.

I really like this combination of a ribbon that resemble laces with little hearts, so I decided to cover this area at the bottom of the sign with it. It wasn't difficult and the upgrade looks very nice!

Final assembly

My slightly neglected red vase, is very fitting for this holiday. It's a beautiful decoration on its own, but it looks even better decorated with the hearts.

To add some romance, I included red candles on the white holders. All together it fits nicely on the black table and the white brick resembling wall.

As for the love sign, I couldn't decide in which setting it looks better...

The last thing for the Valentine's Day is my romantic couple statue, that we received for our wedding anniversary. It presents an adorable love scene with the branch and the hearts.

The picture came out a little dark and blurry, which carries some mystery about love. You can almost use this scene to tell a story about the people in it... Is he actually kissing her or just whispering something?

What's your Valentine's story? I hope it's a beautiful one!

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